intermissions: november, the month of infinite work

After two hours: looks like a good fit to me!

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I am 20.

And Nichijou ends tomorrow. ¬†This doesn’t seem like coincidence to me.

I have finally stepped across the boundary separating the boys from the men. ¬†Except I made a mistake and went back across to the boys side, and now the gatekeeper isn’t letting me through.

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Anime Expo 2011: A Picture Adventure

This is me. I tried to frown, but it didn't work.

First, let me apologize to the people at AX who had to see my ugly mug.  Second, I’d like to apologize in advance for not taking enough pictures.  The third mistake is that I shouldn’t have ever been born.  The fourth is that I just made a lame SZS reference and nobody will get it.

Also the pictures are huge.  But I’ve already shrunk them by 50%.  Imagine how big they were before.

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Anime Expo 2011

weeaboo gathering '09

I will be there tomorrow, and I expect to see you there.

Team Fortress 2

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