one giant post about boring stuff

This post will cover:

  1. A short history of my (ani)blogging career
  2. Excuses why I haven’t been blogging
  3. The start of a long, beautiful, weeaboo relationship with canon-chan (aka “stories from aniclub night”)
  4. Be my friend because I’m ronery

I was going to make this interesting, but it got too long and I got bored so the boredom shows through in my boring writing.  I hope that you won’t be bored to death.

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winter 2011 part 2

I have a confession to make: I liked this part in Beelzebub.  Alain-Delon is just so big and so stupid that it’s impossible not to laugh.  Everything else I said about the show still stands, though.
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Why have I written first impressions?

This is how I feel about all of my posts. So basically if you say my posts are horrible, it doesn't matter because I already assume that they are. Sticks and stones can break my bones, and that would probably cause a great deal of pain so that saying is pretty stupid. I mean, what if somebody actually did break your bones?

A post by Sebz that I liked but couldn’t find anything to comment on prompted me to think about why I even care to blog.  The basic idea of Sebz’s post (tl;dr) is: “I suck at blogging but I still love it,” and Sebz goes on to explain why.  I can emphasize with Sebz, because I, too, suck at blogging.  The only difference is that I’ve been sucking for more than two years whereas Sebz has only sucked for two months.

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winter 2011 part 1

my face after I watched all these first episodes

Yes, my face became that of a ten-year-old shrine maiden with a blank expression after watching these first episodes.

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