Soul Searching

Allow me to rant a bit.

I’m at my quarter-life crisis.  I first heard the word mentioned while reading a review of Solanin.

A midlife crisis occurs when a person begins to judge how their life has gone, brought on by the realization that most of their life is over.  A quarter-life crisis, on the other hand, is the uncertainty caused by the transition to adulthood.

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Editorial Day: Perfectionist Me

Last week, I happened to stop lusting after TF2 hats long enough to read Scamp’s post on real people.  First of all, I didn’t know he got a girlfriend.  I didn’t know when mef and Owen got together, either.  I didn’t know that canon and I got together, either.  But more importantly, it got me thinking…
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December 28 is Editorial Day

Think hard. Think long. Don’t think.

In my latest act of rash judgment and spontaneity, I announced on Twitter that December 28th would be Editorial Day.  If you want to participate, write an editorial on any anime-related subject of your choosing, and post it on December 28th.  I might make a list of participants.

This event is designed to make all of us non-editorial bloggers write something that sounds smart.  So if you’re an episodic blogger, a figure blogger, or a dannychoo groupie, consider doing something interesting with your blog and participate!
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The Confessions of a Certain Scientific Aniblogger

appreciate my MS paint skills

Yesterday, I watched Confessions.  It’s Higurashi-meets-Onani Master Kurosawa, where instead of Onaning, Kurosawa kills somebody and doesn’t ever see redemption.  It’s sick, twisted, gory, and depressing.  Just my style.

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we win, you lose

the kind, humble smile of a winner

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