Sword Art Online Episode 8

“This plate armor… it’s so soft…”

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when he/she comes across an episode beyond redemption.  I have been able to sit through seven episodes of this kind without rageblogging, but now that episode 8 of SAO proved to fail miserably in every single frame, I have no choice but to kick and scream and break shit until episode 9 breaks my expectations of how low an anime can get.

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Flomu the Origination


What does flomu mean?  Why flomu?  I hate flomu!!

I get this a lot, and I usually respond with “flomu is the big brother of Shamu, birthed during a game of Brawl where I needed a moniker.”  And while this is the truth, it isn’t the truth.  Truth be told, “flomu” has a truly terrifying etymology.  There are many truths in this world that should never be truthed, and this is truly one of the aforementioned truths.
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How to Time Travel


The latest episode (7) of Jinrui featured fairy banana-induced time travel with the goal of making cakes.  This is certainly Jinrui-esque: a very complicated procedure to achieve an ironically trivial result, making it funny.  But what I want to focus on is not why Jinrui is the best anime of 2012 (which it is), but why its take on time travel is IMPECCABLE!

Or close enough.

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Blog Carnival: On beginning posts with “on”

Foxy Lady Ayame has no idea who I am but is hosting a blog carnival and I want to play the clown.  But since I don’t have many opinions that weren’t covered by other people, I guess I’ll just type up some junk like usual and hope somebody likes it.

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On Kokoro Connect

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