Gee, there sure aren’t many shows airing in fall…

A day in the life of fangzhao.

The limits of counterculture

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Just call this blog “-ism”

Don't worry, she'll be back by October.

So this is probably my first “blog news” post ever.

I’m bored of this already.  How can you people manage to write up uninteresting things like this?  I mean, I’m the blogger, and even I am uninterested in typing this up!

In any case, I’ll cut right to the chase.  This blog will henceforth be known as _____ism or          -ism, and every so often, I’ll change the name of the blog.  This gives me some leeway for 2-D infidelit- OH GOD, I’M SORRY, MIKOTO!  PLEASE DON’T DO TH-

Haruhi Season Two is a masterpiece and all you guys are losers

I’ve been hearing a lot of bad things about Haruhi season two.  As the biggest Haruhi fan in the world, I feel that it is naturally my duty to dispell these lies, myths, and lies.

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Summer 2009 Expectations vs. Reality


This season has been quite interesting.  I was looking forward to Bakemonogatari and ended up loving GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class.  Of course, that not only says how good GA is, but also how bad Bakemonogatari is.

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