Re: Scamp’s rant on Gintama, or Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun 01

Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun is a shounen shoujo-manga parody. The titular character Nozaki-kun is the love interest of heroine Sakura, and holds a secret double life as a shoujo manga artist. This one aspect provides the material for all of the show’s gags, and I could see this show getting pretty old pretty quickly. (But then again, there have been dozens of successful anime about four girls doing absolutely nothing.)

Regardless, I want to respond to a post by Scamp in which he goes off on a rant about how Nozaki-kun shouldn’t turn into Gintama, which in his words, “spends 20 episodes parodying goofy shounen logic and then goes and pulls a 3-4 episode arc of goofy shounen logic with a straight face. They are always the worst parts of Gintama.” Scamp then makes a blatant attempt to troll people into arguing for Gintama, but I’ll bite at the line.

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RIP DEATH ex Machina, Barely Even Ballerina



As you may have heard, a prolific statistician hung his hat up yesterday (imgur link). He was one of the many people from the aniblog community who never followed my blog, and I’d always remembered him as that guy who does all that work to make tables in WordPress. Outgoing, hardworking, charming, and handsome, kevo was the best man for the APR job. He crunched those numbers day in and day out, with no regard for his own health or for his voters’ Nichijou preferences. He would have the APR post up every week, complete with quotes, reactions, and biased opinions, but he never took advantage of his position.

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The Anime Industry

not this shit again


Frog-kun has written a post with a highly sensationalized title that aims to prove how and why the anime industry is dying. Too bad it’s written in such a sloppy manner, with all sorts of ideas thrown haphazardly into a pile of rant. I’m particularly interested in the opinions of jstorming, who commented:

A well-articulated post!

I don’t see anything well articulated here.

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RIP O-New, Barely Even Knew You

As you may have heard, a prolific blogger hung his hat up earlier last month. He was one of the few people from the aniblog community who semi-regularly followed my blog, and I’d always remembered him as a silly guy with silly posts and that goddamn ugly orange color scheme on his blog.

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Blog Carnival: On beginning posts with “on”

Foxy Lady Ayame has no idea who I am but is hosting a blog carnival and I want to play the clown.  But since I don’t have many opinions that weren’t covered by other people, I guess I’ll just type up some junk like usual and hope somebody likes it.

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