Summer 2009’s best OPs/EDs


So I’m back from my second forced one-week hiatus and I figured that I’d make at least one obligatory blog post on relevant stuff before summer is technically over, so here you go.

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omg bigger railgun pv

“Senjougahara Fascination,” my ass

Why not Noda Fascination?

It seems that a certain not-very-magical-or-scientific sadist with crabs has become the woman of every aniblogger’s dreams.

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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun PV (very shitty quality)

Oh, how I wish I could go to Comiket 76!

(Obviously, needs more Mikoto and less unimportant side characters whose figures are a lot more abundant)

Anime on TwitterWall, the next big thing on Twitter

Click on this picture to go to the awesome website OMG!!

Like, oh my gosh.  This is like Twilight all like, over again, like.  KYAAA~~~!!1

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