On physics in Bunny Girl Senpai

I’m at episode 5 of Bunny Girl Senpai, and it has been the distillation of everything I liked about the Monogatari series. The conversations between the characters in Bunny Girl Senpai aren’t just filler phrases like in your standard rom-com. I wouldn’t call the conversations clever, but they’re interesting, and often unpredictable. At the same time, there isn’t any of the artistic bullshit that SHAFT likes to pull with Monogatari. I thought I liked that stuff, but now that I’ve seen it removed, it feels so distracting and detracts from the actual content.

wrong show kiddo

I can’t give the series full points, though, because the science-y explanations for the supernatural stuff are so long and boring.

As someone who works in physics, hearing an explanation of Schrodinger’s cat is like hearing grandpa’s favorite war story for the hundredth time. I don’t want to sit through a poorly translated version of what an anime character has to say about this thing I know far too well. But what’s worse is how it appeals to the (dumb) view of science as this strange, esoteric thing that could almost be supernatural. When Futaba talks, I get that the point is to lend an air of mystery and intrigue, not credibility. But when I listen to this stuff, it carries none of that connotation because it’s simply not exotic to me.

On the flip side, I have to give the series props for drawing inspiration from physics concepts. Even though they muck up the explanations, at the core there’s definitely a connection. For example, Schrodinger’s cat and the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics say that nothing is determined or “real” (there’s a double meaning here, I think) until it is measured. I think it’s cool how they translated that into Mai disappearing unless people remember her. It’s very sci-fi, and more interesting to me than the more symbolic stuff from Monogatari.

The problem is that despite their own disclaimers, they use the physics stuff as a straight-up explanation of the plot points, which is totally wrong. It feels a little demeaning to be told that a basic concept that I’ve learned explains some mumbo jumbo in an anime.


I was watching Fractale the other day and decided that it’d be a good idea to see what the internet thought of the show.  How stupid of me!

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Final Fantasy IV

I didn't know this while playing FFIV, but in order to make Rubicante re-clothe himself, Edge needs to use Steal on him. I'm not sure what this is implying, really.

So I finished Final Fantasy IV the other day (GBA version).  It was, on the whole, a great game.  I’m going to spend this post talking about some tiny details and plot moments of the game that only people who’ve played the game will recognize (so if haven’t played the game before, go do so, and don’t read this!).

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fangzhao’s history with anime and stuff

I just now read this post about anime histories and stuff, and I guess I can tell you mine.  I-It’s not like I’m doing this for you.  It just happens to be spring break and I have nothing better to do except watch anime, play games (Bioshock and TF2, mostly), and sometimes click on bookmarked aniblogs.

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Aniblog deaths

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Ideally, I’d post this on February 2, 2012 to match the late-to-the-party/drags-up-old-topic trend, but I’m not sure my aniblog will still be around a year from now.  While I’m on the topic of boring, useless information, I’ll just throw in that I stumbled upon both Scamp’s post last year and RP’s post last week because my blog received a spike in hits each time.  Link to me more!

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