Final Fantasy IV

I didn't know this while playing FFIV, but in order to make Rubicante re-clothe himself, Edge needs to use Steal on him. I'm not sure what this is implying, really.

So I finished Final Fantasy IV the other day (GBA version).  It was, on the whole, a great game.  I’m going to spend this post talking about some tiny details and plot moments of the game that only people who’ve played the game will recognize (so if haven’t played the game before, go do so, and don’t read this!).

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fangzhao’s history with anime and stuff

I just now read this post about anime histories and stuff, and I guess I can tell you mine.  I-It’s not like I’m doing this for you.  It just happens to be spring break and I have nothing better to do except watch anime, play games (Bioshock and TF2, mostly), and sometimes click on bookmarked aniblogs.

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