Anime Expo 2011

weeaboo gathering '09

I will be there tomorrow, and I expect to see you there.

8 Comments on “Anime Expo 2011”

  1. Nadja says:

    Too bad I’m 2,000 miles away in Ohio. :/

  2. Mushyrulez says:

    Too bad I’m a universe away in Canada. :/

  3. ToastCrust says:

    You know, there’s a good chance we met but I was busy meeting everybody so I never got to you. Were you hanging out Saturday night when Canon ushered the bunch of us out to the food trucks before people bailed to go to Miku?

    • misaki says:

      Were you the GIGANTIC white guy? Because I was standing next to a GIGANTIC white guy whose name I never got because he was scary and GIGANTIC.

      Also I got to the meetup at around 6:30, when only Myst1ord, Shinmaru, calaggie, and three or four others were there. A crapton of people showed up 15-30 minutes later and I couldn’t get any of their names.

      • Not quite. He was the gigantic asian guy that had the ponytail (I think?).

      • ToastCrust says:

        Yup. I’m the Chinese guy with a ponytail who’s like taller than 6 foot. I think I was wearing a white shirt with Youmu and Reimu on it that day.

      • misaki says:

        Oh, I don’t remember you, then. There were a lot of people so it’s not surprising that I didn’t get to meet some anibloggers.

        Also I was the guy with the Mikoto shirt holding the Mikoto commission who brought four non-aniblogger friends along because they wanted dinner.

        UPDATE: Oh wait, I see you in one of my pictures.

  4. […] another note, the Kanata guy in the picture above is apparently ToastCrust.  I thought ToastCrust was the aforementioned gigantic white […]

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