omg bigger railgun pv

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  1. fangzhao says:

    After comparing this to the c76 youtube video several times, I can safely conclude that neither the shaky lolcameraskills youtube one nor this 2 pixel x 5 pixel one can fully express the glory that is Mikoto Misaka.

  2. ay-yo, I’d tap it and I’d whack it
    Just like you, the wife beater
    I’d smack it but won’t hack it
    cause I don’t wanna delete-her

    I watched the PV, but all I saw was SKEET-SKEET
    on my keyboard, I be bringin’ dah HEAT
    and I know it smells like SHEET but you gotta
    watch mah FEET as I do da HOKEY-POKEY
    while I dance to a FUNKY BEAT! CHEA!!!

    …okay, I didn’t watch the PV, it would take forever to load for me ;_; (my internet currently sucks right now, feelin’ me homes?)


  3. If you thought that was BLASTIN’ then you better clean ur GLASSES
    I will beat her with my railgun and insert it in those ASSES
    You think that u is bettah when you nevah stand a CHANCE AND
    I will show u I is bettah while I bring on a STAND IN cause

    You aren’t worth my TIME, you can’t BRIBE me wit those DIMES
    You think Mikoto’s hot but she won’t keep it One Five NINE!

    I’ll pull her SHORTS OFF while I make mah stick go BLAST OFF, and her electriCITY is a PITY that it don’t stand a chance at ME!

    She tried tah holla-BACK and my beater is INTACT!
    I do like dem pussy cause I am a Forshizzle CAT!
    I’ll show her how it is and she’ll know where it’s AT:
    at mah crib, where dah playahs wear DA GROOVY HAT!


    yeaaaa, I’m done for today… for now =3 Finish up your studies and finish my pic! =D

  4. Bill says:

    At least they should have changed Kuroko’s voice actress.

  5. Shin says:

    I liked it better when it was called To Aru Majutsu no Index.

  6. bgsm says:

    Heh. Railgun once again. =w=

  7. CGF_Bob51 says:

    I think I’ll say Mikoto is a failure of a character for the sake of the troll, bob out.

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