Summer 2009’s best OPs/EDs


So I’m back from my second forced one-week hiatus and I figured that I’d make at least one obligatory blog post on relevant stuff before summer is technically over, so here you go.

Instead of separating my top five OP/ED posts like I did with the spring season, here’s one big mashed up post on them (still with a total of five).  Note that since OPs are generally animated 50 times better than EDs, this list won’t exactly be 50% OP and 50% ED.

5. “Princess Primp!” – Princess Lover OP

Despite all the artistic QUALITY of this show, its OP is oddly not horrendously animated.  In fact, it’s not bad at all.  This song is probably the one song this season that I’d listen to even if it made me look more stupidly otaku than my nyoro~n t-shirt.  It’s just that good.  Did I mention that there aren’t any random black clouds on the ground in this OP?

4. “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” – Bakemonogatari ED

Yes, that says “Bakemonogatari” right there.  Truth be told, I never watched the above version of the ED.  Since I dropped the show after episode three, I never managed to get to the loli OP or the non-still-image ED.  Yet I still choose this as my number four pick… why?  Because the song pulls it off.  I love the song.  Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know why.  The song is downright awesome, and seeing as how I can’t say anything about the animation that I haven’t watched, I’ll just assume that it’s SHAFT-quality.

3. “Zetsubou Restaurant” – Zan Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei ED

Yep, another ED.  But this one is one of the best EDs out there.  Each sumo-wrestling yaoi background, each camerawhore/photoshopper combination, and each scene in general is pulled off nearly flawlessly.  I am not a big fan of EDs, and I usually can’t name a single good one off of the top of my head, but this one is definitely going to stick.  On another note, who knew “normal” could look so good?

That dog gets me every time.

2. “Ringo Mogire Beam!” – Zan Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei OP

I surprised myself by not putting this incredible OP at first place.  SHAFT has had a history of incredible OPs and EDs, and this is certainly no exception.  Possibly my only regret this season (besides sitting through three episodes of Bakemonogatari) is bashing Ringo Mogire Beam before the second episode kicked in with the animation.  When I was first watching SZS, I thought to myself “wow, what a shitty OP this show has.  It’s just a bunch of panels with credits on them.”  I didn’t even bother to listen to the song (Hito Toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru).  The same thing happened here, and I regret it so much.  Ringo Mogire Beam is going down in my book as one of the best OPs of all time.

1. “Super Driver” – Haruhi S2 OP

What can I say?  I’m an Aya Hirano fan through and through.  “God Knows” is by far my favorite anime song of all time, and “Bouken Desho Desho?” is second only to “Kuusou Rumba” on my list of epic OPs.  Even if this song has a KOTOKO-style MV (as in “weird as hell” and/or “what is this I don’t even”), and even if *raises hands* + *shakes head* doesn’t make the least bit of sense, “Super Driver” is one of the catchiest songs that I’ve ever heard and the animation isn’t anything less than true Kyoto Animation quality (and by that, I mean K-ON! and Munto never existed).

This ain’t no “Bouken Desho Desho?”, but it sure is damn awesome.

tl;dr Incredible season for OPs and EDs, and I had to shave off ten OPs/EDs to make this list.  Too bad the shows themselves haven’t been as amazing.

10 Comments on “Summer 2009’s best OPs/EDs”

  1. Kitsune says:

    I like your ED choices and Zetsubou OP 🙂

  2. Kairu says:

    Super Driver is the 2nd best OP of 2009. It’s the catchiest song KyoAni made.

  3. glothelegend says:

    Zetsubou Sensei OPs/EDs are always on a list that talks about the top OPs/EDs.

  4. Panther says:

    Princess Primp. It is a nice catchy song, but WTF with the title.

  5. phossil says:

    Good OP/ED for this season.

  6. Bill says:

    >>Princess Pimp.



    My top 5:

    5. Daily Daily Dream
    4. Dakara shoujo wa koi suru (Hayate)
    3. Kimi ni Shiranai Monogatari
    2. Ringo Migore Beam!
    1. VII (Umineko sountrack)

  7. Omisyth says:

    Your list fails.
    Zetsubou Sensei’s OP pwns all else.

  8. fangzhao says:

    Actually, disregard this. I only put up Super Driver because I was listening to God Knows all day long that day.

    Zetsubou Sensei obviously takes the cake here.

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