“Senjougahara Fascination,” my ass

Why not Noda Fascination?

It seems that a certain not-very-magical-or-scientific sadist with crabs has become the woman of every aniblogger’s dreams.

A post by 53RG10 says it all:

Basically, “Senjougahara Fascination” is a movement by us AWESOME people who believe Senjougahara Hitagi of SHAFTed anime Bakemonogatari is an easy candidate, if not THE ONLY candidate, for “Anime Girl of the Year” [2009]!

In layman’s terms:

Basically, “Senjougahara Fascination” is a movement by us LOSERS who weren’t worthy enough of liking Mikoto Misaka to pretend to be hip and awesome.

If you can name this character, I'm awed.

Bakemonogatari is, in essence, an anime that tries to stuff as much as possible into as small a space as possible.  Hell, fanboys are even lengthening Ararararararagi’s name to try and match the fifty-three-character-long name that Senjougahararararara has.

Why “Senjougahara Fascination” fails:

  • Mio was better.  That’s saying a lot.
  • Favoring Senjougahara over two loli characters is fail.
  • Needs more Mikoto.
  • Senjougahara is not a loli.
  • Senjougahara can’t control electricity.
  • Senjougahara doesn’t have blue-green hair.
  • sjghr needs a shorter name.

Who would give up weightlessness (also called “awesome ability of coolness”) for painful memories?  I sure wouldn’t.  It’d be like giving up the ability to fly to remember Shin showing me which gender he/she is.

Of course, that’s only a hypothetical situation.

This is the most revolting picture I have, so I can use it as much as I want.

And “fascination”?  Feh.

Fangirls are “fascinated” by Teito Klein’s bromance with stereotypical childhood friend #2.

Fanboys are “fascinated” by Teito Klein baring his chest.

Real men are not “fascinated.”  We are “awed.”  As in “I am awed by Roy Mustang’s display of unbridled GAR in episode 19 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.”

Note: “Brotherhood” is a manly way of saying “yaoi shota incest.”

The rest of this post will be sexy pictures of characters obviously better than sjghr, because sexy pictures are always good.

Pulling somewhat of a Shin-Artefact combo here.

40 Comments on ““Senjougahara Fascination,” my ass”

  1. Seinime says:

    Shana DO NOT WANT.

  2. dokimasu says:

    I don’t even know who Senjougahara is. O_O Probably because I haven’t watch Bakemonogatari yet.

  3. Sabas says:

    0/10. Try harder next time. 🙂

  4. Alt Eisen Riese says:

    Epic post, i´l be sure to make a copy of it in my blog. No credits given, as i´m an asshole

  5. Ray says:

    Give Kanamemo (http://tiny.cc/M5cpz) a shot if you like lolis…hmm…

  6. IcyStorm says:

    Alright, if at least 20 people want me to, I will give this fool a swift kick in the balls the next time I see him in person.

  7. Panther says:

    @IcyStorm: Put me name down.

  8. otou-san says:

    Was gonna say something about obviousness until I saw your categories. Still, a nice IcyStorm to the sack sounds fine.

  9. MV says:

    Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  10. fangzhao says:

    I really hate Senjougahara. This is in the OBVIOUS TROLL CATEGORY to deter idiotic would-be flamers like y-

    Wait wtf I’m saying this outloud

  11. Bill says:

    I’m all for Mayoi!

  12. 2DT says:

    Well, I certainly can’t argue with that. Cheers.

  13. You would totally kick Icy’s ass ;P

  14. Shin says:

    Look, I watched the first episode of this show to see what it’s about.
    I can tell you, a show with a panty shot within the first minute isn’t pretentious, unless it’s pretending to be a sex offender.
    Love it or hate it, the slide-show aspect of the show is a clever trick to save budget while still keeping most of the animation and art relatively high standard(lolchins notwithstanding). There is really nothing wrong about the show itself.

    No, the problem lies with the obsessive fans, the moron mouthbreathers who pause every five second to catch the “hidden jokes”, the idiots who spend five times as much time watching an episode than everyone else because they search every nook and cranny for bonuses, just so they can feel important about “getting all the jokes”.
    And when they realise that they spend an atrocious amount of time on a stupid cartoon, the only thing that can do to justify it is by believing the show to be intellectual and witty and incessantly preaching that value.

    Bakemonogatari in a nutshell: talking heads interspersed with shots of eyes or faces or mouths, slow pans across backgrounds interspersed with pages of text, moments of dramatic animation.
    Because Apparently none of you have watched independent film, you don’t understand that this is actually pretty standard fare. Mediocre. Done do death.

    • fangzhao says:

      The lack of chalkboards is appalling. If there were more chalkboards, I would be among those idiots who pause every five seconds to read the sometimes horribly typesetted subs, but to keep myself awake.

      Bakemonogatari may be “good,” but it sure isn’t interesting to a point that either I or Mr. Falls-Asleep-Yet-Wants-Icy-To-Inflict-Pain-On-Me below can keep our heavy eyelids from closing.

  15. 0rion says:

    @ Icystorm

    Kick away, you have my approval.

  16. yo says:

    Successful troll is successful. Lol @ all the flamers.

  17. PhoenixRider says:

    I’m laughing so hard right now.

    I’m totally using that 07-ghost picture. It’s hilariously bad!

  18. fangzhao says:

    tl;dr Kairu’s got the idea.

  19. BedaBeda says:

    Why all the fascination with Senjowhatever when there are obviously better choices such as:

    Oshino, Mayoi, and Nadeko

    “Favoring Senjougahara over two loli characters is fail.”

    Point well made.

  20. Gargron says:

    I didn’t see this post. No, I didn’t.

    @Icy: Go ahead

  21. TJ says:

    I approve of the ball kicking only if someone films it on video and posts it for all of us to see.

  22. fangzhao says:

    I’m actually a girl.

  23. Gargron says:

    *looks at about page* *looks at MAL profile* *looks at writing style*

    I don’t believe it. There’s no proof that you not just want to escape the rage.

    • fangzhao says:

      I’m just interested in women. And I was born in war-torn Trollia, where insults and lulz almost destroyed my family’s shack every day. In order to survive, I had to think like the enemy. Thus my writing style became what it is today.

      Ask icystorm, he saw me at AX. He tried to flirt with me, but I told him that I don’t like men.

      • Gargron says:

        You’re good. 7 told me you were a girl, I believed, then you reconvinced me you were a boy, and now you state the truth.

        Yuri’s good too.

        I bow my head and take my words towards IcyStorm back. Girls are free to dislike girls, and girls cannot be hit.

        Senjougahara is still great — an unstable-minded beauty whose smile in the end of episode 2 made me join the movement. The ‘fascination’ thing wasn’t chosen by me though.

        • fangzhao says:

          My persuasion skills are top-notch, as you can tell.

          Now to make Panther give in…

          • 7 says:

            What?! I don’t get credit for sticking with my opinion of fangzhao as a girl?! Un-f*CKING0-acceptable!
            As for Senjougahara…she’s alright. I don’t exactly like her but I don’t exactly hate her either. What I do hate is when blog posts about her get like this…

            Philosophy, philosophy..
            Nice Bewbs…
            Philosophy, philosophy..
            Nice Bewbs…

            I guess I’m on your side for now, fangzhao…

          • Gargron says:

            You did get credit, didn’t you.

  24. CGF_Bob51 says:



    gg ;_;

  25. Taka says:

    Kick em in the…vagina?

  26. […] She’s got a very long name. […]

  27. g1rv32 says:

    0/10 – Obvious attention wh0ring.
    Suck cocks instead, vaginatroll.

  28. Rawr says:

    You lied about that being the most revolting picture you had. I find kyon in a provocative post far more revolting than Kohsaka with his shirt semi-open.

  29. […] this dynamic is arguably the essence of moe, and really of any character love.  After all, even the most vocal detractor of the Senjougahara Fascination Movement is the writer of a blog called “Mikotoism.” […]

  30. IcyStorm says:

    Fine fine, since he’s a “girl,” I can rape him. Right?

  31. maki says:

    where’s the love for shinobu? ;_;

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