There is a magnifying glass between the Earth and the Sun

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I’m sure that there is a giant magnifying glass between the Earth and the Sun.

Now in an ideal universe, the sun and earth would look something like ^ this.  The sun delivers its generous rays of sunlight upon the earth, allowing life on Earth to… live and prosper.

But this ain’t so, as seen in recent anime.

Take Shangri-La for example.  The world of Shangri-La is a post-apocalyptic one, an Earth where the sun has shined so brightly upon the earth that plants grew at incredible speeds and the water levels rose.  Because everybody knows that if you shine light on water, you get more water:

Energy + H2O –> 10H2O + more H2O

This is one of the basic principles of chemistry.

So why does the sun’s rays come at the Earth at such an alarming intensity?  Obviously, it is because aliens set up an enormous magnifying glass to try and kill off the human race, with the same mindset as using a magnifying glass to kill insects.

As a result, human beings living in Shangri-La have developed diseases like that of the loli above: exposure to the sun is incredibly harmful to them.

Others who haven’t been afflicted with this disease exhibit radioactivity:


It is believed that the hand sign the diseased person is making is a symbol of her disease, helping inform others that contact can be dangerous.  People like this food stand owner see this sign and can safely hand food over with tongs, avoiding hand-to-hand contact.

Hypothetical diagram of the situation

Now Shangri-La ain’t the only anime to display signs of this.  The world of Saki has a “sun” brighter than … well, a normal sun!

It’s a wonder that they aren’t getting third-degree burns!  In this world, you’ve gotta have your sunscreen on 24/7.

Overexposure to the sun’s radiation causes genetic mutations, as seen here in dango-girl’s hand.  Soon, we won’t have opposable thumbs anymore…

Other genetic mutations include moving facial features and transsexualism.

While one would think that the people of this world would shy away from direct exposure to sunlight, this is actually not the case.  As you can see, Nodoka’s home has skylights to maximize exposure to the sun.  Though Nodoka does show signs of detrimental mutation (her deformed hand, for example), she also displays beneficial mutations as well.  A normal high school freshman does not have dangos.  Nodoka does.

In fact, I could go one step further and say that this increased amount of sunlight and radiation not only causes living beings to mutate, but also for inanimate objects to change as well.

There’s a reason why the mahjong club’s clubhouse is on top of a building.

The higher elevation allows for maximum radiation intake, without trees blocking the flow of sunlight from the sun to the mahjong table inside of the room.

This allows for radioactive mahjong tiles.

Yet perhaps the most severe case of excessive sunlight comes from the Natsu no Arashi! universe.

The sun is so strong in this world that it illuminates the inside of buildings to the degree shown above.  It’s no surprise that bellybuttons and noses looks identical in this world.

There once was a time long, long ago when the world had a normal degree of sunlight.  Here we see Arashi bringing Loser to her past, the past when the magnifying glass had not been implemented yet.

The people living here don’t play mahjong and are smarter than the people in Saki.  They fear exposure to sunlight, and wish for the magnifying glass to simply go away.

Yet how can this be possible?  It’s not.  The magnifying glass has come to stay.

It has been said that if humanity tries to break the magnifying glass or tries to push it away, the aliens will go into a full-out assault on Earth.  As seen in the mural above, the people of Natsu no Arashi! sincerely believe and fear this threat.

All the people can do is wait and suffer as their bodies are transplanted into sailor fuku school uniforms.

Three anime, and three different displays of this truly dire situation.

P.S.: It feels nice to write a non-episodic! *stretches*

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  1. jerseyse410 says:

    lol you leave my meow mouth alone dammit!

  2. Michael Flux says:

    “Hypothetical diagram of the situation”

    Hahahah, wonderful ^_^

    Also huge lols at “Other genetic mutations include moving facial features and transsexualism.”

  3. glothelegend says:

    I think I actually learned that equation in chemistry a few years back. Although I should point out that my teacher was a drunk.

  4. ETERNAL says:

    I normally love overuse of dramatic lighting, but this certainly shows the issue in a new light. …Pun most certainly unintended >_>

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