K-ON! 04: Ritsu

God damn it.  I’ve never before switched my girl-of-choice in any anime (Kagamin came close, but I still prefer Konata), but Ritsu >>>> everybody else here.

Now I’m no expert like animekritik (and that’s obviously why I’m linking to his incredibly detailed post instead of making at least a semi-intelligible post myself), but I have been shown the light.

This post will be split up into two sections: one showing why Ritsu is better than Yui, one showing why Ritsu is better than Tsumugi and that other one.


Ritsu’s the one who takes the lead here!
Being a moeblob, my ex-waifu cannot think on her own and can only nod in agreement with Ritsu’s magnificent ideas.

“Yeah, my face is deformed while yours isn’t, Ricchan!”

Obviously, a testament to Ritsu’s beauty.

While Yui is off in the background doing her forced-moe/Kana-mouth shot, Ritsu’s in the front being awesome.

They both have hair accessories.

But WHO ditches it just because of a little water?
What a loser, that Yui.

And before you go off telling me that Ritsu isn’t wearing her hairband…

That’s right.

I’d take a camisole over a baggy shirt any day.



Obviously, Ritsu isn’t as rich as Tsumugi… but that has its benefits.  Rich girl is getting fat from eating all those sweets while Ritsu still maintains a slim figure.

Mio’s a hypocrite, by the way.
Look at that fat stomach, those bulging legs, that corpulent chest!
(cue SanCon ref): She’s about as fat as Aya Hirano!
Downright digusting.

Yui’s got some fat around her sweets-storing place as well.

And then there’s the swimsuits.
Plain white and plain black?  Pfft.
Little frills and ribbons make Yui a walking moe billboard.

There’s only one girl here who’s got a swimsuit that ain’t too simple and ain’t too OBVIOUS MOEBLOB, and that’s Ritsu.  Stripes are a plus.

Behold, the chest of awesome!

You may claim that Mio and Mugi have the breasts to back up your support of one of them, and you may say that Yui’s got the lack of breasts to back up your love for her, but guess what?  Ritsu’s got the best chest here.

Why else would her boobs have such heavy shading when she’s just “another flat-chested character like Yui?”  This is saying “Ritsu’s got more than Yui, but not as much as those two fat ones with their monstrous dangos.”
This screenshot says “RITSU IS THE BEST” all over it.

I’m tellin’ ya, Ritsu is the one who made Mio.

If it hadn’t been for Ritsu and her imaginative… imagination, Mio fanservice would not have existed in this episode, period.

"...or else Ritsu-dono won't help me get any fanservice this episode!"

I’m pretty sure that the only Mio fanservice that Mio herself delivers are her swimsuit scenes.  And Ritsu’s striped two-piece is obviously far superior to that black thing.  Swimsuits don’t need bows.

Oh wait.  Wasn’t it Ritsu who caused the camera to zoom in on Mio’s chest?
Wasn’t it Ritsu who wanted to go to the beach while her lackey put up a futile attempt to stay behind and practice?


Who likes badly-drawn-eye-and-nose girl anyway?


Other areas of interest in episode 4

I have T-Mobile, and it ain’t that good.

Time for you to realize that your hair will never be as insanely huge as Mashiro’s!

Konata wannabes.

Damn it, Yui!  You’re always in the way!

Speaking of “in the way”…

EXCUSE ME, your face is blocking half the screen!


Other random thoughts on this episode:

  • Forced fanservice.
  • Ritsu > those three insignificant characters.
  • Not a bad beach/vacation/training camp episode.
  • Mugi’s vacation home is reminiscent of Chiyo-chan’s vacation home.
  • Ritsu has awesome hair.

14 Comments on “K-ON! 04: Ritsu”

  1. animekritik says:

    Hi! My name is Anime Kritik and I approve this message! I hadn’t really noticed the hairband thing or the chest shading. But I definitely noticed that Mugi has got a bit of the Michelin in her (soft, soft). Ritsu rules! (and this is literally true as well, as Ritsu (=律) in Japanese means “law” or “rule”.)

  2. ghostlightning says:

    Hi! My name is ghost lightning and I approve of this post as well. You had fun doing this obviously.

    In the first three episodes, or at least while wearing their uniforms, Ritsu appears to have the widest hips. What happened?

  3. glothelegend says:

    I’ll be damned if I follow suit and say Hi! My name is Glo the Legend and I approve this message!

    This [post] was great, finally someone realizes that Mio isn’t the greatest character. I still can’t figure out if I like Yui or Ritsu more yet, but I’ve narrowed it down between them two (I kind of go back and forth every episode, and I gotta be honest, I’m leaning toward Yui because she shares my study habits in detail among other things, but one can not deny Ritsu rules).

    “If it hadn’t been for Ritsu and her imaginative… imagination,”

    -not very imaginative wording…(lol)

  4. Son Gohan says:

    While I approve of Ritsu, I must say that Mio is not fat. She has delicious child-bearing hips!
    Actually I like all four of them, with Yui being dead last because retard moe is not my moe.
    I like Ritsu for her personality. She is the meddler of the group, like Miu in Ichigo Mashimaro. Without her crazy ideas the show would be 80% less fun.

  5. Roy Mustang says:

    Were they trying to give the impression that the previous K-ON band were jerks?

    Actually I like all four of them, with Yui being dead last because retard moe is not my moe.

    I love Yui. She’s like a little kid. Retard moe is moe ingrained into us by evolution. That’s why Yui is much more popular than Ritsu.

  6. jerseyse410 says:

    yui still….ritsu is cool yes and mugi and mio have the biggest tits but yui is just full of win and adorable that i cant overlook, very well done post, i like it. BUT. yui will always be my number 1.

  7. 7 says:

    Actually I like all four of them

    That’s a fine line you’re walking there. Keep it up a little longer and you have my praise..

  8. super rats says:

    I’m smiling because I was starting to wonder why Ritsu seemed like the one nobody liked. Maybe it’s fellow drummer kinship going on, but Ritsu is NUMBER ONE, even though I’ve not yet watched K-ON. I would have skipped this post to avoid spoilers if it wasn’t titled Ritsu.^^

  9. jerseyse410 says:

    did i also mention yuis tits are bigger?…..you pedo

  10. fangzhao says:

    @animekritik: Mugi’s gotta lay off them sweets…

    @ghostlightning: Yeah, I noticed that too… I guess the folks over at KyoAni finally realized who’s the best!

    @glothelegend: Haha, thanks! I’ve had a liking for Ritsu since episode one, but Yui had a slight lead over her. This episode definitely changed that!

    @Son Gohan: Yes, Ritsu does indeed drive much of the show’s humor (and sometimes plot…). And hey, if you like all of them, none of them can be “dead last!” D:

    @jerseyse410: Heheh. I see some really different kinds of appeal in all four of the girls. Yui’s definitely got the moe appeal going for her, Mugi has her older sister/Miyuki appeal (I’m pretty sure that not that many people fall for this…), Ritsu has her coolness and comedy, and Mio… er. She’s the other one. (Tsundere… but not tsundere?!)

    @7: This debate over which K-ON! girl may be seen as ultimately pointless… but hey, who cares, right? :]

    @super rats: Oh wow! You’re one unique Ritsu fan – having not even watched the show and all…!

    @jerseyse410: When you’re as awesome as Ritsu, things like that don’t matter anymore!

  11. jerseyse410 says:

    i have to say though, that this episode was right up with episode 1 in how much i liked it…its really really cool that they can make it almost halfway through the series and still have the “first episode release” epicness going. also, im wondering if they are going to introduce azusa, the 5th member as i think she will give mio a run for her money in the pseudo-tsundere category. she also seems to be a big perv which is a nice change of pace as well.

  12. Rani says:

    yeah, i watched it already. So cute! do you know where
    to download K-ON! soundtrack with free and good quality??

  13. ffviiknight says:

    The chalk reminds me more of Cisco rather than T-mobile… and yes, T-mobile sucks.

  14. Liebchen says:

    I love it when Ritsu slams the ball into Mio’s face because of her chest size. “Boinggggg~!”

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