we win, you lose

the kind, humble smile of a winner

Hah!  You fools thought you had even half a snowball’s chance in Hell to beat our great Goddess-sama Mikoto Misaka?  Dream on, losers!

To all ye chosen ones who voted for our great Goddess-sama: today is a day of celebration!  Rejoice, for all our foes have fallen to their knees in acknowledgement of the great Goddess-sama’s dominance!  Nobody shall whisper in our ears, telling us we are merely men when we are nothing short of GODS!  We have bested the red midget and the white-haired midget and all the other midgets in our way!  Our support in the great Goddess-sama is absolute.  Last year, we were unprepared for the cheating bastards that hacked their way to a scam of a victory.

But now, the true Queen has been crowned.

Shana is nothing more than a stereotype, and nobody can say even that much for Kanade “no personality” Tachibana “Fake” Tenshi”t.”  The fact that some loner weeaboo nerd learned how to hack a shoddy website and voted for Tenshit five thousand times can hardly be called an achievement.  Hell, winning this easy competition isn’t much to boast about either.  Buncha’ shit-tier pushovers all bunched up together.

Hey losers, pick a half-decent character next time.

18 Comments on “we win, you lose”

  1. Marow says:

    You beat Taiga >:(

  2. Mushyrulez says:



  3. glothelegend says:

    ISML is confusing to me. But I feel like this type of tournament should be limited to really dumb characters, seeing as all the characters deemed “moe” seem to be dumb to me. In other words, K-On characters only.

  4. Yay, I’m also really happy Misaka won because I voted for her and it was really tense because Shana has a lot of supporters and I feel a bit sorry for them but I hope they don’t take it too bad I mean it’s a friendly competition after all. (´・ω・`)

  5. kevo says:

    I was unaware that people out there cared about ISML…

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