Earlier this week, Anime News Network reported that supercell had held a “contest” wherein “singers” competed to sing the new songs for Guilty Crown, an anime coming up next season.  These prepubescent tweens apparently wanted the “fame” and “money” that came with the job, and were coerced into “auditioning.”

The “winner” of the audition is a mere 17-year-old.  How can she be so young and still “sing” for supercell?  This is unheard of.

And if that wasn’t enough, yesterday ANN blew the whistle again.  Next in line is a nubile 15-year-old, an innocent little girl whose mind hasn’t been corrupted by society yet.  Is it so much to ask supercell to stop “hiring” underage workers?  This is clearly a violation of the United Nations’ child labor acts.  If you want to help, sign this petition so we can get those girls back in their homes playing with dolls and shit.  Just press the “preorder” button and send it to me when you get it.  This is a very important step in helping these poor girls.

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7 Comments on “supercell”

  1. Seinime says:

    Wow, can’t believe they had a contest. Maybe they’ll have a future in the singing industry! Or just sound terrible in the albums, who knows…we’ll see.

    • flomu says:

      I was surprised that they held a contest, too.

      I’m sure they’ll sound awesome. I was just surprised that ANN focused so much on the singers’ ages. (It’s not like Aya Hirano was 30 when she voiced Haruhi…)

  2. Reiseng says:

    Darnit flomu, I came here expecting some mind bending post, or blogger drama, or Nichijou related funny stuff, but nooooo, all I got was a news post!

    Did you write that column though? Seems interesting.

    Also, what the hell is supercell? Is it like a battery, but super charged?

    • flomu says:

      News is information! Information is knowledge! Knowledge is power! And power is Nichijou!

      I did not write that column, no sirree. I was making a dumb blogger inside joke about how list posts are the easiest type of posts to write. Besides, Mikoto’s not even on that list! ANN sucks!

      A supercell is a kind of storm/tornado thing. People hurl young girls into it, hoping that music will come out.

  3. glothelegend says:

    The petition was too much money….and I don’t have a PS3! Fuck a petition, In order to voice my support, I’ll go over to Japan and have sex with the [of age] girls [who don’t look like freaks] there! It won’t help the cause at all, but I’ll enjoy it!

  4. Mushyrulez says:

    0/5 I did not expect this

    P.S. I thought you said that the winner was a /male/ 17-year-old…

    P.P.S. start updating weekly nobody cares about your school

  5. Valence says:

    0/5 disappointing.

    Anyway, Supercell hiring people under 17 isn’t that much of a big deal, I mean…we have the likes of Justin Bieber to deal with. I guess Supercell can’t fare any worse.

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