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If you can read this, then you’re in the right place!

Yes, welcome to my new (and hopefully final) blog!  This marks my fourth blog this year and eighth aniblog overall.  If you can name all of the URLs, I’d be really impressed and I’d dedicate ten posts to you.  Of course, that’s virtually impossible since I made one under a different name and all but two of the blogs have been deleted.  I don’t even remember the URLs of half of them.  And if you want to know the dozens of blog names I’ve taken on, good luck with that!  I don’t even know all of them!


If you want to know why I made this move, go read the post at  That’s the only post I will not be moving over to this blog because it would be a nightmare to handle all the comments and stuff.

Something (possibly) more relevant I could say here is what I’m going to do with this blog.  I will be really busy with sophomore year-level homework, and I won’t have the time to blog meta.  You might see me on twitter every other week and you might even see me comment on another post once a month, but metaposts here?  No way.

I came up with a short list of possible directions this blog could take:

1. A real academic aniblog

I’m not going to watch much Fall 2011 anime because I don’t have time.  If I’m lucky, I’ll manage to squeeze in some Guilty Crown and Last Exile every week, but that’s about it.  So if I ever want to blog, I’m not going to have much knowledge about what’s going on in either recent anime or in the blogosphere.

SO… in a moment of unadulterated stupidity, I decided that I could take what I’m learning in school and apply it to anime.

But nobody wants to hear about E&M and Multivariable Calculus applied to anime.  And I’d be better off trying to learn the concepts and doing homework instead of typing up shitty posts.

2. Episodics

Ha ha ha… no.

3. News posts


So in short, what I’ll be doing is talking about anime news.  I’ll make a short post or two every week about one thing going on in the anime world.  These posts will be infused with my sarcasm and will make you hate life as much as I do.

The problem is, I don’t follow anime news that much.  In fact, I don’t care about Zero no Tsukaima 4 or Aya Hirano’s new fanclub or whatever.  So this is really an excuse to post anime-related crap I find on the internet and talk about how anime and how crap said anime crap is.

I hope it won’t be too painful.

P.S.: With new blog comes new name.  Name comes from Wikipedia and a long history with shitty blog names.

13 Comments on “The Other Thing…”

  1. Seinime says:

    Yeah, what’s more to say? Looking forward to the new posts.

    755.45…Dewey Decimal System?

  2. Maserbeam says:

    I like academic aniblogs. I personally find them immensely fun to read.

    But don’t force yourself too hard; let the posts flow. I ended up as a mere reaction blog than an academic-ish blog, which was my original goal. Having a bit more fun though, since it’s less of a mental load and no need to sound smart. (Because I’m dumb. You might be better off than me.)

    Also, yay for another blogger who enjoys Nichijou. My mind buffer overflows every week thanks to this nutjob of an anime.

    • flomu says:

      Hey, if reactions are funny, then it’s okay. For me, academic blogs are tough to slog through. I find what they say really obvious or really confusing. Sometimes I read posts where people don’t know what they’re talking about, and it makes me know even less. Kind of like this very comment.

      Hooray! Nichijou is truly a godsend (to me and maybe you, at least). If it weren’t for Nichijou, I would have quit anime altogether. Though I guess that’s also a bad thing. I’m hanging on to my anime hobby by a thread!

  3. Yi says:

    Whatever you ultimately decide to do with this blog, have fun. ^ ^

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  5. E Minor says:

    Are you gonna update this blog yet?

  6. Seinime says:

    I hope you don’t pull a Stephen H- (scratch that) me and promise good stuff and go on an indefinite hiatus. Nooooo!

  7. Mushyrulez says:

    Why do you have nsfw girl as your background picture

    Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron hit 755 home runs, you should rename your blog name to ‘Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron is cool’

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