‘Tis the Season of Worthless Anime

machine gun-fast first impressions of summer 2011 shows.

looks like shinmaru

Usagi Doroppu

The refined gentleman’s moe show, complete with 15 extra minutes of boredom per episode!

On the surface: Girl does cute stuff, looks deep and meaningful.

Reality: Girl is mentally retarded and has a memory span of 2 hours.  Cries for father/Grandpa because main character has a gun up to her back.  Main character takes her home.  BAD END.

6/10, will force myself to watch.  Hoping my prediction is right.

looks like mikoto (kind of)

No. 6

Shounen-ai trap anime!  Spiritual successor to Fractale!  Next episode: greenish-blue-haired girl in surfing mecha crashes into house.  Show becomes instant classic.

Didn’t quite like how the main character looks so feminine.  I swear this is going to become some hardcore explicit yaoi stuff.

6/10, will force myself to watch.

looks like moe

Ikoku Meiro no Croquettes

The refined French gentleman’s moe show!  Also for big fans of sign-building, apologies, bowing, and sign-building.  It’s got the pace of a turtle with a sloth’s brain, but it’s several orders of magnitude faster than UDoroppu.

7/10, dropped.  I stopped learning French back in Junior year of high school!

“Now it’s time for your punishment, Shou-chan~  You’ve been a naughty boy!”

“D-Don’t!  Our dear sister is watching from Heaven!”

Mawaru Penguindrop

Traits that make people think an anime is good:

  • Lots of dumb colors (Trapeze)
  • Somebody dies early on (Gurren Lagann)
  • Boy looks like girl (any anime with a trap)
  • Failcest (anything)
  • Peer Pressure

So I’m here to say that Penguindrop is NOT GREAT.  Too much hype for a series that’s clearly going to go downhill.  The only way to save this show would be to kill off Shouma and replace him with Kamina.  The penguinhat turns into a Gunman, the three penguins turn into Kittan’s three sisters, and they all die in a glorious battle.  Only the sickly sister lives on, and it turns out she’s actually a penguin.  She dies too.

That would be decently cool.  A show about mascot penguins and stuff… not so much.

6/10, will force myself to watch.  It’s the next big thing, after all.


oh wait

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

First impression: Generic harem show.  Slightly tsundere childhood friend, domineering vampire, fangirls, etc.  Main character is also called Hayate Ayasaki.

Turning point: Screenshot above.

Conclusion: REALLY BAD generic harem show.  An annoy amount of gratuitous pantyshots.  Childhood friend is kind of cute but not really.  I would rather watch Hayate no G0toku than some Hayate knockoff.

3/10, could not finish first episode because of pantyshots.

Kamisama Dolls

enormous breasts

6/10, dropped.  Interesting/mysterious enough, but imouto does not make up for college girl and her two massive sidekicks.

“My hair pisses me off!”

Sacred Seven

Sticks and stones may break my bones and this show sucks.  Maid army is dumb.  Post-transformation is dumb.  Premise (stones) is dumb.  Hair is too long.

4/10, dropped.  At least Sunrise tried to make it interesting by inserting all of the above.  Too bad they’re all terribad ideas that never should’ve seen the light of day.

P.S.: Apparently, this has Code Geass vibes out the ass.  I’m not too knowledgeable about ass vibes or Code Geass in my ass, but I don’t think this has anything in common with Code Geass.  If an attractive red-haired girl with a dual personality shows up in a skin-tight outfit, I would watch this show.

P.P.S.: If an ugly green-haired girl shows up in a skin-tight outfit, I would drop the show immediately!  Disgusting!

You ate all of it already, right?

Yuru Yuri

Predictable and boring 4-girl show with predictable and boring jokes.  Kind of like K-ON!, only the girls here are actually cute.  Sister’s room was pretty funny.

4/10, dropped.  Not my thing.

I-Is this love?

Mayo Chiki

The characters were drawn well, and the butler guy/girl/thing is pretty cute.  Blah blah blah how did the clothes come off blah blah okay

4/10, dropped.  Did not interest me, but props for characters.  Also this was animated by a company called “Feel,” which I’ve never heard of.

They should make this with lots of gay men.  Oh, wait.


Not something I would usually watch, but very good episode.  Characters are all one-dimensional (combined, they are 13-dimensional!), but the way they were introduced was impressive.  Documentary format, hooray!

I don’t particularly like any of the characters, but I loved seeing them interact in a daily slice-of-life setting.

8/10, will watch to see how far down this falls.  Great episode, but series is bound to be crap.

“Oops, forgot my schoolba-  H-Hakase?!”


I thought it might be cool, seeing how the main character is a porn author.  But it’s not.

2/10, dropped.  I spent more time drawing Nano + Sakamoto than watching R-15.

I thought we all learned how to do this back in 2002.

Kami no Death Note Pad

Good show for once!  I should change this post’s title to “‘Tis the Season of Worthless Anime and Kami’s Memo Pad.”  What’s a Memo Pad anyway?  All I have on my computer is Notepad and Wordpad.

I thought the whole first episode was pretty good… except for the generic ecchi first-episode-ending-scene.  Well, I guess you have to appease everybody.  I’m sure there are people out there watching this only for the loli neet person thing.  I couldn’t care less, really.  As long as there’s more interesting prostitution-murder cases and the characters aren’t terribly boring, I’ll keep watching this!

After all, I have yet to find another Summer 2011 show to fall back on.

8/10, will continue watching.  I hope this is at least half decent.

21 Comments on “‘Tis the Season of Worthless Anime”

  1. Seinime says:

    I’m just forcing myself to watch Ikoku since it’s from some people who worked in Aria (and lolis are 1s) and Idolmaster because I always wanted an anime adaption and it’s ok so far (oh man totally biased here ftw). I haven’t heard of Kami no Death Note pad though, so time to see what it is.

    • misaki says:

      I heard about Kami Death Note Pad no Note whatever on Twitter. People were talking about how it was 45 minutes long and had NEETs and stuff.

      I still haven’t finished Aria (first season). It’s too mellowww, and Ikoku seems even more mellow. Except with a tiny Japanese girl.

      All I knew about Idolmaster before was that it was the demonic game preventing new Berserk chapters…

  2. Scamp says:

    I could respect your taste in anime, but

    P.P.S.: If an ugly green-haired girl shows up in a skin-tight outfit, I would drop the show immediately! Disgusting!

    You have no taste in women

    • misaki says:

      Kallen is, was, and always will be cooler, hotter, and better than C.C. It’s just a fact of life.

      (Also, Lelouch is dead.)

      • Scamp says:

        …you know, people have this misconception that I think Lelouch is the Cart Driver. He’s not. He’s dead. I just liked reading the “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CART DRIVER!!!” posts

      • misaki says:

        I loved those posts, too. What I was more interested in, though, was C.C.’s real name. I could care less about Deadlouch the cart driver (he’s probably hiding in the hay, anyway)

  3. Mushyrulez says:

    Lol, penguindrum was great because the first episode made us want to continue watching. Admit it.

    It’s not Kami no Death Note Pad, it’s OH SHIT

    Uh, Usagi Drop is not for refined gentlemen, it’s for 30-year-olds in need of health and physical education.

    As for No. 6, it turns out that it’s not set in 2012, it’s set in NINETEEN EIGHTY-SIX and and and evil government and good shit yeah.

    uh what was I going to say

    oh yeah



    • misaki says:

      Penguindrum was “great” because UTENA SYMBOLISM OH YEAH

      Do you mean 1984? Though I suppose two years later, the society in 1984 would be even worse.

      I’ve been MS Painting since you were crawling around in poop-filled diapers, young whipper-snapper! Back in the day, they called me the Saint of Paint!

  4. Yi says:

    So harsh on some of my favorite shows!

    • flomu says:

      Honestly, nothing this season lives up to the god-tier shows of Spring 2011. It may be unfair to compare seasons, but Nichijou is still airing and that’s all that matters!

  5. Carroll B. Merriman says:

    Hello. I was just trying if I can post a comment here hehe.

  6. glothelegend says:

    I don’t give a fuck about Summer Fall is where it’s at Shana comes back.

    • flomu says:

      But more importantly, LAST EXILE and GUILTY CROWN and everything that’s better than Shana!

      I’ll probably still watch Shana III, though.

      • E Minor says:

        I watched a recent episode ’cause I was bored and Fin kept saying it was the funniest thing since ever. So I see a girl get hit in the head about a billion times. Okay. Then the next scene was three girls sitting around talking about BOYS. I’ll never believe anyone about anime ever again.

      • kevo says:

        Yeah, Nichijou is pretty lackluster. If you want a REALY show this season, look no further than Rou-kyu-bu!

      • flomu says:

        Okay, okay, I never said Nichijou is good for everyone! Lots of people don’t like it, and it’s fine! But for me, it’s the best thing since Railgun and everybody should like it no matter what and if I was in charge around here, we’d have Nichijou Saturday Nights. I’d call it Saturday Night Nichijou. Everybody would be forced to watch SNN and like it.

        If I were a girl, I would probably sit around and talk about boys. And maybe clothing and lipstick and stuff.

        That’s one mangled sentence, kevo! REALY show? Come on, I know you’re better than that! And I know you’re better than Rou-Kyu-Bu!

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