Extra [short] Post: Epic Win Anime Blog

…has been on hiatus for a whole year.

Two years ago, I was a fledgling blogger going to Anime Expo for the very first time.  I somehow got into icystorm’s aniblogger meetup and ended up sitting across the table from my aniblogging hero, 0rion.  He was as un-cleanshaven as I’d hoped and looked like a true connoisseur of anime and expert on blogging.  He also looked like a homeless man living under a bridge.

Epic Win is perhaps my all-time favorite anime blog.  A year ago, 0rion found enough expired bento boxes in the trash can next to the convenience store to come back and write an optimistic, energetic post detailing how Epic Win would come back and everybody would be happy again.  I assume that failed, since Epic Win Under the Bridge has been devoid of content for a year.

To 0rion and Guff, wherever you are out there (or rather, whichever city park bench you’re sleeping on): I, for one, still remember you and your epic anime blog!  Please drop by the ‘sphere once in a while!

In other metaniblogging news: Scamp may have turned 3 years old, but Yumeka turned 9!  Scamp’s post has way more comments that it needs, so go comment on Anime Yume, the oldest and faggiest aniblog in existence!

P.S.: I don’t know any blog older than Anime Yume.

P.P.S.: I’ve nearly turned 2.5! (or 3, depending on when you start counting)

P.P.P.S.: There is no header picture to this post!  Now I feel like a wise, old blogger.

P.P.P.P.S.: I commented on Scamp’s post but not Yumeka’s post because I don’t know her as well, even though I’ve been reading her blog longer than I have been reading The Cart Driver.  But hey, I made this post so it’s all right, right?  Right?

HONTOU ga uso ni kawaru sekai de~

15 Comments on “Extra [short] Post: Epic Win Anime Blog”

  1. Scamp says:

    I apologise for being so popular. I’ll stop updating for over a year, maybe I too will have people write posts like this about me

    • misaki says:

      Some people write their own hiatus-anniversary posts, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that people like me write hiatus-anniversary posts for others!

      Do it do it do it! You’d probably still do really well in the aniblog tourney (’12)

  2. Reiseng says:

    I just turned 1, but meh, I am too lazy to write a post celebrating it, maybe later, or maybe never.
    It’s funny how I haven’t even been watching anime for 9 years(unless you count the English version of Pokemon as an anime), meh.

    • misaki says:

      A lot of anime blogs make stupid posts celebrating everything from 100,000 hits to 100 posts to 1000 comments to 3 years blogging to et cetera. Back when I cared about my achievements in blogging, I also made these stupid posts. Now I just care about Steam achievements and I only post once a week (well, two times this week), so I don’t want to waste that on a “blog status” post.

      That said, though, I really, really love Epic Win. It’s a blog I still occasionally read because their posts are witty, funny, and clever (synonymous with ‘witty’). I don’t know any other dead blog I can say that about.

      Yeah, 9 years in the business is quite a while. I’ve only been consistently watching anime for three years, though I was really into Toonami back in the day!

      • Mushyrulez says:

        Do I get credit for making my achievement posts brief?

        Oh look, promoting my blog on this site :v

        Did the internet even exist in 2001? There was like what a hundred people on the internet then, wasn’t there :v

      • flomu says:

        Brief? You’ve got five whole characters in that long ass post!

        I believe 2001 was back when the cool kids had Windows 98 and the rich snobby ones had 2000. The only website back then was yahoo.com and nobody liked it.

  3. poker training says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

    • flomu says:

      No problem, old chap!

      I’m sorry that I stole your idea before you could publish it, but I couldn’t resist. It was such a good premise for a post that I just had to do it!

      Go ahead and do whatever you want. See if I care! We disowned you when you married that whore and went into the tissue business instead of taking up the family toilet paper business! It’s no biggie if our son PLAGIARIZES too.

  4. crazydave says:

    My name is Crazydave and this is my favorite blog on the Cidi-*cough* blogsphere

  5. MkMiku says:

    I find it interesting that a lot of blogs seemed to have started in the summer. You think there’s a reason for that?

    • flomu says:

      Oh come on, that’s pretty much a rhetorical question! I’m only blogging right now because I’m out of school for four months and bored out of my mind… especially now that I’m done with my summer job.

      Few continue this for nine years, though…

      • RP says:

        Honestly, I can’t keep track of all the different URLs you’ve had. I think your birthdays should be by URL and name changes and not by years.

      • flomu says:

        And the name changes once more!

        I don’t remember the dates of my URL/name changes, so I use the start of mikoto.wordpress.com (3/10/2009) as the beginning of my grand aniblogosphere adventure. Though I did have an aniblog dating back to September of 2008…

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