The Readers Have Spoken!

Or so I’d like to think.  I hear audience-based material is all the rage nowadays, so I figured I would make a runaway blockbuster post as well.  I believe the phrase here is “by you, for you, and quite unlike what you’d’ve ever expected.”

In retrospect, this in no way reflects the opinions of my readers.  I doubt most of the people who I know on formspring read my blog.

Valence: Hentai

What a dirty boy.

I don’t watch much hentai.  The last one I watched was in digiwombat’s Onii-chan Theatre, and I don’t remember the title, what it was about, or anything about it, really.

kluxorious: how do you treat NSFW posts

I’ve been meaning to say bad things about Chocolate Syrupy Waffles for a long time (not that I haven’t done it in the past), but I figured most of the team members would eventually learn to grammar and make half-decent sentences.  And then this post showed up on Nano.

I’m pretty lenient with NSFW posts.  As long as somebody says “NSFW” in front of a post, I will not look at it at work.  I usually don’t look at aniposts at work anyway, but yeah.

It’s good that there’s a “Not Safe for ANYONE!” warning in the title, but why would anybody post pictures of real penises?  Even if I try to take it un-seriously, I find it pretty offensive and not the least bit humorous.  Though I guess different people have different standards…

concretebadger: “The fans ruined it for me.”

Touhou, Hetalia, Hatsune Miku.

Maybe I’m just a hipster.  Maybe I just want to feel different.  Or maybe the Toumikutalia fandoms just suck.

Hetalia is a horrible show.  I hated the few episodes I managed to sit through back in 2009.  But then the fangirls, oh god.  They make me lose faith in mankind (or rather, womankind).  I believe that a male fan of Hetalia should be ostracized from male society and be forced to live with the wild, crazy Hetalia fangirls in their primitive jungle abode.

I played Perfect Cherry Blossom for an entire semester, and I finally beat the damn thing on Easy mode (died many times at Yuyuko on Normal).  I enjoyed the game, and tried out some of the other ones.  But I’ve never been able to like the fandom.  Eye’m the strongest?  What the hell is that?  Yukkuri are the strangest things.  I don’t understand what goes through the deranged minds of Touhou fans.

I went to the Mikunopolis concert at AX.  I felt really awkward and miserable as a bunch of screaming girls screamed so hard their screaming was louder than Miku.  I watched the guys in front of me move their glowsticks completely out of time with the music.  I got tired and sat down and couldn’t see anything, so I sat on the top of my seat and my butt hurt after the concert.

tl;dr I should have gone to the Nirgilis concert instead.

nyoronnyolo: H-manga

I don’t read that much manga to begin with.  I’ve read only a handful of H manga/doujinshi.  I can’t remember the names of any because my memory is bad and I probably read them on /a/ or some other board anyway.

No, wait, I do recall one that Aizen posted on We love maids/Anime^2 back when that site was popular and not dead.   The only thing I remember about the thing was that the main character had a magical, detachable penis and turned into a huge wrestler guy at the end.

Bassun: Why sports manga is a dying breed

Damn it, I already said that I don’t read much manga!

Eyeshield 21 was good.  Hajime no Ippo is repetitive.

That sums up all the sports manga I’ve ever read.  If you asked me this three months ago, I would have went on a tangent and mentioned how good comedy is a dying breed.  But now

I still wound up on a tangent discussing a possible tangent.  Ha ha.

sdshamshel: Sub-Saharan animals in anime

I can’t name any Sub-Saharan animals off the top of my head, so I went to Wikipedia’s article on Sub-Sahara Africa and searched “animals.”  What came up was “guinea fowl” and “donkey.”  Now, I don’t know any guinea fowl appearances in anime, but I sure can name a lot of asses.

Makoto Itou from School Days is the classic example of a huge ass.  But hey, he got laid and was more popular than I’ll ever be.  Many people say that nice guys finish last, and while I’m not particularly nice or guy, I’m nicer and guyer than Makoto.  Maybe after crossplaying Mikoto next year, I’ll get rid of that guy half and finish a little closer.

Another, much more obscure ass is that of Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman!  This anime is a relic from a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth pornography and ecchi were one and the same.  Back in the day, we had good anime like this.  Top-tier toilet and derriere humor.  Now you youngsters have something called “moe”?  What’s wrong with this generation?  All these gizmos and gadgets, and you still can’t make or appreciate an anime with good comedy.  Man.

Also, cheeks of steel.

Emperor J: Manyuu. Great Anime or Greatest Anime?

The video below is my only experience with the show, courtesy of Tenka Seika.  I’m not too good at guessing things in general, so forgive me if I interpret this video the wrong way.

First of all, it’s pretty obvious that this is a boxing anime in the vein of Hajime no Ippo, yet with more samurai-eqsue elements.  The jabs at the beginning followed by the swordfight at the end make for a very action-based show.

Furthermore, the female cast broadens the target audience to girls as well.  Women aren’t just sex symbols – they can punch as hard and as fast as Ippo and cut and slash as skillfully as Zoro.  Hopefully this show will herald many more anime with women in powerful and leading roles rather than as part of a “harem.”

Queen’s Blade, which aired a few years back, tried to do this and failed.  It ended up pandering to otaku who simply wanted to see boobs and butts and naked women.  But it also set the stage for such anime as Seikon no Qwaser, which displayed the important and vital role women play in society.

Queen’s Blade also paved the way for Manyuu, a show which focuses more on character development than character sexuality.  As the video shows, censoring is done discreetly but is prevalent throughout.  It’s just enough to get otaku interested in the show and just shy of scaring off its female audience.

Truly, Manyuu is an artistic masterpiece that champions a more active female role in anime.

Elyon: Yanderes.

While Yanderes are good and all, I usually prefer Pockdere.  The thickness of Yandere allows for a more satisfying crunch compared to Pockdere, but I really don’t like the dipping sauce for Yandere.  It’s messy and I either finish all of it before I finish the sticks or I have so much leftover that I can’t help but dig it out with my finger.

Yet when it gets hot around the house, I prefer Yandere.  In hot weather, Pockdere gets stuck together and it’s a real pain to eat.  Even after it cools down, the sticks are still glued together.  Obviously, Yandere doesn’t do that.

Recently, I’ve been trying out LuckyStickdere.  It has the size and thickness of Yandere, but with the “sauce” already on the stick like with Pockdere.  For some reason or another, it’s also easier to take apart once it’s melted (which doesn’t happen very often anyway).

53RG10: Anime.


chronolynx: Feminism as it applies to pre-Eva mecha anime

I’ve only watched one pre-mecha anime: Gunbuster.

This is my hero.

Noriko was cool.  Feminism?  Not so much.  I feel like this was just a standard epic mecha series with a female main character.  Blah blah blah, Noriko was strong and woman and strong and female but hell, I don’t really care.  It was a good anime with an engrossing plot and interesting characters and really terrible spacesuit uniform things.  I prefer Yoko’s space suit outfit uniform thing.

I’m not too knowledgeable about feminism nor do I want to talk about it that much because girls suck.

I like girls, though.

Ambivalence… or is it ambiguity?

Bradley: Complete this sentence: “I was wrong about…” Elaborate.

Who’s Bradley?  Why am I following him?  Bah!

I was wrong about nothing.

If I have the time to go back and think about what I’m wrong about, I’d rather be playing Team Fortress 2.  Heck, that just gave me a great idea.  I’m going to go play TF2 and write the rest of this post later.  It’s taken two hours so far, and I really want to go get owned by the newly-nerfed Cow Mangler 5000.

@fkeroge: *Looks at an anime poster posted in room* Anime posters.

I have quite a few anime posters, but most of them are small, Megami-sized ones (two sheets of 8.5×11 paper).

I got a free Hatsune Miku Mikunopolis poster at AX by giving Toyota my email address.  They sent me one email.  I’m sure that the cost of printing that one Mikunopolis outweighs whatever they could have conned me into buying.

Besides, I drive a 2000 or 2001 Audi.  It’s 99% functional and has leather seats.  However, the 1% non-functional part makes it a real pain in the ass and I’m afraid to take it on the highway because weird “check engine” and “check car” and “check anime blog” lights come on randomly.  The guy at the shop said it was connected to the door-activated car light thing for some reason and now I don’t know if my car has a serious problem or not.

I should have gotten the crappy old Volkswagen next to it.  Hell, I should have rented a car or something instead of buying an old beat-up one from a scamming Asian dude who gets really mad and yells a lot.

I hate Asians.

I’m Asian.

Asraful: Anime as a medium, rather than a genre, and the tendency (or apparent tendency) of anime watchers and the blogosphere to forget this (and expect every show to be awesome, etc.)

I don’t think many people (well, in the blogosphere at least) feel as though anime is a genre.  Sure, there are stereotypes that some genres of anime push to the limit – magical girls and RomCom harems, for example – but I don’t think anybody expects all anime to be like a magical girl show.

That said, I also believe that people need to realize this on their own.  And most are!

also, am I kawaii? uguu~

trzr23: Blog about anibloggers. It’s meta, but it’s always fun.

Oh, speak of the devil.  Metablogging, eh?  I’ll just spit out a few things.

Anibloggers’ anicon posts

I’ve seen a lot of anime convention posts, but this one just takes the cake.  If you scroll down to the bottom, you see that the two cosplayers Punynari found cutest actually found his blog and commented!  Wow!  I wish Artist Alley Yotsuba Cosplayer-chan would comment on my blog too!

Team Blogs

I think I’ve made it clear (well, in the past at least) that I dislike team blogging.  I dislike team blogs.  I’m not going to go through the trouble of remembering all the bloggers at THAT or Sea Slugs or Borderline Hikkikomori or whatev-

W-Wait, you mean blog about the actual BLOGGERS?  Man, I can’t do that.  Even among anibloggers, I’m an anti-social nerd who doesn’t talk to anybody.  Hell, it’s taking all the courage I can muster up to write this post b-because I’m so n-nervosu

I’ll try my best, though.


I think this guy is an arrogant asshole.  Why is he on formspring?  Why does he have a blog?  Why do I have a blog?  Why am I such a terrible blogger oh god shit


Since I’ll never have the balls to say this to his face (aka on Twitter), I’ll say it here.  Stop advertising your stupid blog!  It’s annoying!  Just post stuff and tweet about it once!  You don’t have to retweet it from three different Twitter accounts and ask dumb questions like “when is this going on anime nano?”

Damn it.  I just checked Twitter and he retweeted his tweet about his blog post for the umpteenth time.  I think he un-retweets and then retweets to keep it at the top of my Twitter feed.  STOP IT! STOP STOP STOP!


I like the guy, but this spamming must stop!  And I’m not going to be the one to tell him!

P.S.: Don’t tell him I said this because he controls SCCSAV and can easily destroy my meager existence on the internet with a snap of his fingers.

P.P.S.: You could also destroy his fingers so he can’t snap.

EDIT: So between when I wrote this post and when it got published, I got the balls to do this and now I’ve been banished from the cool kids’ club.  Don’t associate with me, lest you also receive the absolute zero shoulder!

That’s right, laugh at me!  Laugh at the man who dared defy the supreme overlord!  But know this: I shall have the last laugh!  *walks off into sunset*


Big, white, and nerdy.  Manma.


Supposedly an ex-Catholic schoolgirl.  Is probably a big bulky man with lots of hair, looks like a gorilla.  Eats naughty little kids for breakfast.  Eats Corn Nuts when naughty little kids aren’t available.


Some guy.  Hispanic.  (Latino?  Mexican?)


Another guy.  I don’t know what race/nationality he is.  Keep it AEI.


Yet another guy.  Asian.


Fourth guy.  I helped him and 7thwraith get together.  They probably had wild, unbridled weeaboo moments together.  Asian.


I’d like to say that he’s my home dawg from way back in the day, but not really.  Very cool guy who’s made as many blogs as I have.


Comments the most on my blog.  Played Maplestory.  I, too, played Maplestory and I’m still active on a Maplestory forum.  I talk about anime and TF2 there.

Heck, I talk about anime and TF2 everywhere.  Maplestory forum, Twitter, this blog, and even real life.  I need a better hobby.


He’s gone from the internet but not really gone.  Sounds like me.  Except people probably want me gone after all this time of name-changing whereas people want 2DT to stay.

I’m like a chameleon.  I change my name, avatar, blog name, blog address, and everything so much.  If I got a butterfly knife, I’d be complete!

/dumb eyeshield reference


I don’t like him.


See, you’re here too.

Annoying anitweeter who tweets all day and likes Mikoto Misaka.  From what he’s told me, recently he’s been mining coal in the Appalachian Mountains or something.


I forgot to include you, Whale Hat Hare.


Who is this guy anyway?  I follow him on Twitter and I’m friends with him on Steam and I know he likes Touhou and a lot of people I know talk with him a lot, but I’ve never talked with him/her/Cirno.

Touhou sucks.


I got tired of typing.

Watch Nichijou!

Note: this picture is vastly different from the one in last week’s post.

GoodEnoughForMe: DRILL HAIR… how did it start?

Alien Nine.

Just watch the damn thing!


not very vague i guess

Not vague at all.  I didn’t watch that show (though I have been watching NICHIJOU), and I don’t remember anything anybody said about it when it came out.  Though I remember the main character resembled Coach Wakamoto (above).

Hanners: R-15 as a realistic portrayal of the Japanese education system.

Oh, you silly nilly wet willy!  You sure do push my buttons, Hanners-chan~!

For anybody who hasn’t watched this season’s hot new show R-15, I’ll give it to you straight.  This gem of an anime is quite honestly the most realistic depiction of Japanese school life since School Days.  If Manyuu fiercely advocated women’s rights, then R-15 fiercely supports the Japanese education system.

Nowhere else in the world would you find a country with countless young geniuses.  These kids are all Ivy League material and will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow’s future!  Doctors and lawyers?  R-15 proves that Japan has a wider variety of young talent than any other country in the world!  Idols, inventors, and even porn authors… Japan is a dangerous foe for America.

Hell, they took out our women’s soccer team the other day.  If they join together with the Soviets one of these days, we’re doomed.  We should raise sanctions against this potential enemy.

Down with Japan!

Azure: How about UFO sightings in anime. *random unrelated suggestion*

Scratch that; Aliens of anime.

Alien Nine.

Just watch the damn thing!

Scamp: Favourite anime directors.

No really, try writing about that

I really like this one anime director named Yutaka Yamamot-


I don’t know much about anime directors, to be honest.  I can name about five or six, and they’re major ones like Miyazaki, Shinkai, and Shinbou.  I have no idea who directed my favorite shows and sometimes I even forget which studios made them.

But I do like Yamakan’s work.  Kannagi was fantastic, Lucky Star’s first four episodes were on par with the rest of the series, and Fractale was pretty good (you’re wrong, Scamp!).  Oh, and Michael agrees with me on Fractale.

Yi: Since your last question is about upper lips, why not blog about that?

Because I am lacking in knowledge of the upper lip, I asked Jesus159159159 to write something.

But his hard drive died, so here are some pictures of lower lips instead, courtesy of crappy shoujo crap shoujo anime Kare Kano:

77 Comments on “The Readers Have Spoken!”

  1. Seinime says:

    Aw, blogger comments. Pound it.

    In a random cafe with wifi…
    “Now, I don’t know any guinea fowl appearances in anime, but I sure can name a lot of asses.”

    I expected actual animals.
    Then I choked laughing on my breakfast.

    There needs to be more posts like these.

    • flomu says:

      Sometimes, I try.

      Other times I fanboy about Nichijou.

      People (sinophile, mostly) have asked for more personal posts and several have said that they like me writing about random junk like this… but screw each and every one of you! I write what I want, when I want (thursdays)! You may be my parents, but I’m not going to follow in your footsteps! I have a dream!

      I had a dream the other night that my turtle crawled out of her tank. Her tank is too small.

      • seinime says:

        At least you know how to try, I bs’d my way through English in high school and forgot how to write properly anymore while university English just tried to blow my mind with a new way of writing and made it even worse. Now rebooting writing style…

        Personal posts are good. I think you hit it right at the sweet spot with one post a week, I just scan through episodic posts on Nano and click whatever title is interesting.

        Speaking of the only thing that comes to mind when turtles are mentioned, i liek tuttles

      • flomu says:

        Hey, I BSed my way through high school English too. Once I hit AP English, I got a string of Ds and Fs and realized that I was terribad at writing. The regular English class I got into after dropping out of APEN had one essay worth ~80% and a final exam worth 5%. That teacher was pretty bad…

        One post a week is manageable, even though I want to write more. Though once the school year starts, I know I’ll have trouble finding the time to write posts. It took me 4-5 hours to write this one…

  2. Scamp says:

    My blog can’t be this meta!

    I want to do a post like this now…

  3. acostoss says:

    Oh goodness ,this will be delightful.

    Also, the SCCSAV isn’t that large, I doubt Vuc will have you exiled.

    • flomu says:

      He +1’d my tweet ranting about how Colony Drop is a terrible blog, so our tensions are cooling. Not that I dislike the guy to begin with, mind you.

      It’s like the U.S.S.R. and America after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Of course, I’m America and vuc is vodka.

  4. Jubbz says:

    Well EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME for bad grammar. And excuuuuuuuuuse me for having a team that blogs NSFW posts. I mean, REALLY.

    • flomu says:

      And EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME for pointing it out! I’ve never been the kind of person to hold back a thought or criticism, and in the past I’ve listed out several blogs that I dislike and/or hate. I’m not going to do something so provoking now, but I do intend to speak my mind.

      I don’t have anything against you as a person and your posts are pretty decent, but I can’t read a boring, generic episodic like this or the butchered English in a post like this.

      People have different standards, and these are mine.

      That said, thanks for reading my post/commenting. I may be critical of other blogs, but a comment is a comment and a blog is a blog. Separate matters!

      • Jubbz says:

        Well, it’s your opinion, you’re right.

        But i still don’t appreciate you saying shit about my blog in a blog post. If you hate our blog so much, just stop talking about it.

      • flomu says:

        I thought that mentioning your NSFW post in response to kluxorious’s question was a pretty good example – it accurately portrayed the limit of my attitude towards NSFW posts. If I went out on a limb to bash your blog in the anibloggers’ section, then I’d concede and take it down. In my opinion, it’s okay to criticize other blogs as long as you’re not conducting a witch hunt (which, I might add, I have done in the past).

        If you hate our blog so much, just stop talking about it.

        I believe the 5th Grade response is: If you don’t want to see me criticizing your blog, either shape up or don’t read my blog.

        But that 5th Grade response does hold some value! In my opinion, what a blogger does on their own blog is their own business, whether it’s posting pictures of penises or criticizing another blog.

        Also: oh man, the drama.

      • SPIRAL says:

        LOL you should read my posts. I’m generic and a grammer Nazi. You’ll love me shitless.

      • cidthekitty says:

        awww, I can’t hate you! You have Coachy from Gunbusters as one of your pics! Plus, I know that deep down inside you’re really just tsundere for CSW. Sure, heavy on the Tsun. but give it time, soon your dere will show more and more and before you know it you’ll be saying things like “it-it its not like i-i blog for you o-or anything…BAKA! >_<" HNNN SOOO CUUUTEE <3333333

        Also thanks for the free advertisement! each page you link to csw is probably a guaranteed page view _> <_< )

      • Megiddo says:

        I was getting ready to agree with you on the “generic episodic” (Can you just put two adjectives together to form a noun now?) but then I saw you linked Rainy’s post. Holy shit. Rainy’s posts are some of the least generic on our blog. If the whole sarcastic/cynical format isn’t to your liking, that’s just fine, but don’t label it as “generic”. Episodic? Sure. Cause she’s reviewing an episode. Those tend to be episodic.

        Good job for raising up some drama though. Mai-chan would be proud.

      • flomu says:

        Suddenly, CSW bloggers!

        @SPIRAL: I’m not sure how to love somebody shitless. I’m usually full of shit.

        @cidthekitty: Thanks for the 15 pageviews today. Though I have a feeling that they’re all from CSW blog members.

        @Megiddo: Well, I could say “generic episodic post,” but “episodic” usually means “episodic post” in the sphere.

        I don’t remember the CSW authors because there are so many of you, and I’m not trying to single any one of you out. I just scrolled down the blog, found the first episodic post, read it, decided it was generic enough, and linked it. If you think Rainy is a good writer, fine. But I thought her post wasn’t anything special.

        Also, episodic is not a derogatory term.

        Thanks, but you misunderstand. Raising drama was not my goal. When I write posts, I say what I feel and don’t give it a second glance. What people wish to say in response to my posts is entirely up to them. My opinion, your opinion.

  5. Ansir says:

    I wad about ready to bring my whip out when you mentioned Touhou then I calmed down when you didnt bash the game. Yes the fandom for Touhou sucks. I only follow the games not all that meme crap.

    • flomu says:

      Hahah, yeah. I enjoy the games quite a bit (maybe not Touhoumon, but…) and I like how there’s a lot of fanart out there, but the fandom is a rabid pack of inside-joke-spewing crazy people.

  6. kiddtic says:

    I like that you have a very blunt honest opinion. I also like how your blog is NOT a weekly episode recap type thing. I dislike those type of blogs.

    • flomu says:

      Hahah, thanks! I’ve been trying to lessen the bluntness of my remarks because some people take it really harshly – I’m not one to insult somebody, even though I insult what they do!

      I’m against most small time episodic blogs, mostly because they’re Random Curiosity wannabes. However, I do enjoy reading some episodic blogs – Sea Slugs is a great example of the generic pictures/summary/reaction setup done well. Each team member has his/her own voice (J159 especially – that guy’s insane!), and few posts are boring and trite.

  7. Mushyrulez says:

    Walfas isn’t even an aniblogger…

    Damn, a post a week is really putting this blog up at my very top list of ‘must-read-immediately-blogs’ along with (dead) Baka-Raptor, Eye Sedso, 2-D’s blog, and koji_oe’s.

    For all the right reasons, too.

  8. Walfas says:

    Woah yeah I’m not even an aniblogger (I think I’ve made like, one or two anime-related posts ever, and they were terrible so let’s not even talk about that). I find that on twitter, it just eventually gets to a point where most of the people you are following are following other people you are following and so then everyone knows everyone else, at least to some minor extent. I often follow people thinking “hey this person seems cool” except then it just ends up being that we never talk to each other, whoops.

    I do agree with the “The fans ruined it for me” part in general though. Never watched Hetalia but I don’t think I ever will, due to all the negative things I have seen about the fans. I enjoy Vocaloid music but I don’t know very much about the fanbase. I’ve been losing interest in Touhou, though I guess it’s nearly impossible for people not to think of Touhou when they think of me.

    • flomu says:

      Aniblogger, anitweeter, whatever. It’s all the same thing.

      Yeah, social media tends to do that. Facebook is even worse because you kinda sorta know people but never talk to them when you see them IRL.

      On “the fans ruined it for me”
      I feel like my point was a little off-topic. I mean, I still enjoy Touhou even though I dislike the fanbase (YOU PEOPLE!). Hetalia is something I never could have liked, and the fans just made it worse. I’m ambivalent towards Vocaloid.

      I’ve been losing interest in Touhou, though I guess it’s nearly impossible for people not to think of Touhou when they think of me.

      Just change your Touhou avatar to something else. Avatars make the man! I recognize people online by their avatars, mostly because I’m an abuser of name changes so I realized the fragility and ephemerality of online handles.

      Something like that.

      • ToastCrust says:

        Lol, the reason people can’t disconnect Walfas from Touhou is because his site hosts (and was the originator) of one of the most weirdly successful Touhou pseudo-dress up/scene creator/something/something else flash app thing.

        Literally people desired a database meme mass producing app and Walfas delivered it to the masses (though I don’t think he personally works on it anymore).

      • flomu says:

        Yeah, I know that. I play with the weird gizmos on Walfas’s site from time to time, but I don’t see how it could have become so popular!

      • Mushyrulez says:

        I just realized that I think Walfas was the reason I joined twitter…

      • Mushyrulez says:

        edit: whoops, I guess not. I think I found him through twitter when I *accidentally* followed a hundred touhoes at once.

      • flomu says:

        Oh, wow. You nearly gave in to the call of the Touhou. Good thing you managed to make it out of there alive!

  9. mefloraine says:

    What are corn nuts?
    And hey wait, stop coming up with more new blogs and then me not being able to keep up, sob.

    • flomu says:

      They’re salty little corn kernels. I was actually thinking of Corn Pops when I wrote that, but Corn Nuts are good too!

      I am the mysterious shapeshifting blog-shifting name-shifting aniblogger. Some call me Kami-sama. Others call me “that asshole.” But I am just a man. A man who deleted all of his past blogs and now regrets doing so. Oops.

    • Walfas says:

      They are delicious. I completely forgot they existed until just now and I have not eaten them since elementary school.

      • flomu says:

        My college store stocks a bunch of them and we have this stupid system of weekly-college-money-that-expires-on-saturday-nights, so I end up buying some each week.

  10. Ryan A says:

    Dripping in satire, even though it might not have been written that way. Still, not quite lolikitean enough.

    • flomu says:

      Back when I was a young blogger (rather, younger blogger*), I was actively trying to make my blog like all the cool, popular ones. Case in point: I was episodically blogging K-ON!, a series which I now dislike.

      lolikit took advantage of my yet-unformed opinions about aniblogging and made fun of my post, which compared K-ON! to Lucky Star.

      But now I’m a wiser, oldfaggier aniblogger who knows better!

      Oh, assonance. Actually, that could have been outright rhyming. Hmm.

    • flomu says:

      Also, sorry for not including your reply to my formspring question. I saw it just now!

      Though I did touch on censorship with the Manyuu bit. I could write some more on Qwaser, but (for now) Manyuu is the posterchild for brilliant, top-notch censoring.

  11. Yi says:

    Oh wow, inciting drama? Should be fun~

    • flomu says:

      Well, I’m not one to purposely incite drama [anymore]. I just say what’s on my mind, and if that happens to cause drama, so be it!

      • Yi says:

        I was just teasing a bit. It’s super refreshing to hear people just say what’s on their mind though. So kudos. ^ ^

      • flomu says:

        Haha, all right.

        I’m fine with people disliking/criticizing my opinions, though. So if you have a burning urge to say something, shoot!

        On an unrelated and unimportant note, Kudos is the steam ID of my college friend who owns me every night in TF2. I get scared when he joins my game because I know it’s going to be backstab frenzy. eigjwerigkrwglkgop54

  12. Valence says:

    Cow Mangler got nerfed already? Dang.

    And lol blogger drama

    • flomu says:

      Yeah, it got a relatively major nerf. Reload time is down, damage is down, and NO CRITS. Not even during humiliation!

      Also if you play TF2 a lot and/or want to play some time, friend me on Steam!

      Also, yeah drama. It comes with the job!

  13. […] I was tempted to come up with something unoriginal like Misaki’s idea of getting ideas for posts from other people,  my lack of Formspring responses my craving […]

  14. kevo says:

    *ctrl+f* “kevo”

    >No results.

    I’m the one in the black shirt closest to canon, btw. Looking away.

    This is the perfect post when you have writers block. I am jelly at the originality and cleverness.

    Also you are 9001% right about Miku.
    And Touhou.
    And hell yes about Hetalia

    • flomu says:

      You have to send me an email for your polls first, damn it! Actually, don’t do that. The only airing shows I’m watching are Nichijou and Gintama.

      I am flattened* at your jelly. Thanks!

      * (flattered)

      Wait but I thought you were a touhou fa- Oh wait, I got you confused with Toast Crust. You’re both Asian and standing together in the one photo I took at AX.

  15. SPIRAL says:

    Flomu, I challenge MisakiThursday to a duel. You already accepted my offer so let this war begin. >=D

  16. E Minor says:

    This is a clever post. Link to everyone under the sun and reap the views from trackbacks!

    • Mushyrulez says:

      HE STOLE MY IDEA, though the concept isn’t mine. Also, I just realized that he’s probably been blogging for three times as long as I have. :L

    • flomu says:

      @E Minor:

      I was under the impression that wordpress notifies users only on trackbacks to individual posts, so a link to the blog itself cannot be publicly seen. Of course, bloggers can see referrers in the dashboard..

      But yeah, ideally this is great publicity.

      The only thing is, nobody clicked on most of the links! And that’s not even an exaggeration.


      Probably not. I’ve been in the business for 2.5 years minus a month and three days.

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    I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

  22. Gargron says:

    > that Aizen posted on We love maids/Anime^2 back when that site was popular and not dead

    Oh, nostalgia. Also hey, I found your blog, once again, wheeee. And no mention of me, sob sob.

    • flomu says:

      The sphere’s resident coder. He manages that one dead blog.

      My blog isn’t that hard to find, imo. It’s linked on my twitter account!

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