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Ideally, I’d post this on February 2, 2012 to match the late-to-the-party/drags-up-old-topic trend, but I’m not sure my aniblog will still be around a year from now.  While I’m on the topic of boring, useless information, I’ll just throw in that I stumbled upon both Scamp’s post last year and RP’s post last week because my blog received a spike in hits each time.  Link to me more!

So basically, I have nothing to say about this topic.  But I do have a blogroll of dead blogs, because I liked them and now their authors are somewhere having lives.

Speaking of living, a lot of blog deaths are caused by their authors getting lives and/or having problems in life.  Seinime had some problems with a shift to college, and Ganbatte! temporarily died.  Gargron got a life, and We Love Maids died.  7, ffviiknight, tai, and more disappeared somewhere and should be having lives right now… and their blogs all died.  more links to dead and zombie blogs.

While I’m at it, I’m going to introduce a new term to the long, long list of blog terms:

zombie blog (n)


1. A blog that has died, been resurrected, died again, and then brought back to life again. Except this time the blog did not have enough life in it to remain a normal blog, and thus became a zombie blog.

2. A blog that has died and been resurrected in undeath by a necromancer who now lives with the zombie blog and communicates by writing notes on a small notepad.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if this necromancer actually writes notes, because the words are already there when she tears a page off.  Later they are joined by a magical loli girl and a large-breasted vampire ninja and the zombie blog becomes a magical zombie girl blog (see magical zombie girl blog).

tl;dr I think that more aniblogs die because people get lives, not because anime is going downhill.  Of course, anime is clearly going downhill – but that’s another topic.  These are two independent events, so P(aniblog dying | anime going downhill) = P(aniblog dying).  I got a 96% on the prob/stat midterm I took on Monday, so this is right.

P.S.: this is the kind of stuff that keeps me zombified.  I don’t even need to watch anime to write posts like this!

13 Comments on “Aniblog deaths”

  1. foomafoo says:

    lol conditional probabilities. Yes it’s entirely another topic but you applying conditional probabilities means that the two events aren’t strictly exogenous~ XP.

    I mean, even though you have “life” as you call it, but at the same time, there are also good animes that sell like hot cakes, I think one would still find the time to blog about it.

    But personally, I think it actually highly depends on the level of commitment of that person to his/her blog and neither of the two (anime going downhill and having a life).

    • fangzhao says:

      Heck no! I’m trying my best to watch Fractale, which, imo, is amazing… but I’m failing hard. I can’t even find the time to watch anime, much less find out which ones are good and then blog about them! ;_;

      Of course, other people might be better at time management/have less homework oh godfwwfrwr3r3

  2. Mushyrulez says:

    That explains the current scenario spectacularly, though you could just shorten it to if aniblog = true, life = null; else, life = actuallyhaveone

  3. Seinime says:

    I make one of the earliest posts regarding this matter and barely get any discussion while other blogs make similar posts and get tons of comments and agreement. Not to be butthurt, but I am somewhat frustrated. So, I don’t want to be a part of the community anymore (not that I ever had much of a presence). Anime’s going downhill as well as the aniblogosphere and frankly, I don’t care anymore. Right now, I’m:

    – Getting my grades back in shape now (less games)
    – Learning PHP to code for a bigger web project
    – Exercising to get fit, gives a boost to my stamina
    – Practicing guitar to join a band someday
    – Learning Japanese/Korean/Spanish

    and frankly, I feel better than when I had to worry about my blog and stumbling to find time to make long meaningful posts which barely get read. Thus -> zombie blog. You’ll see my name on something bigger one day.

    Keep in touch, I enjoyed chatting with you.

    • Mushyrulez says:

      The aniblogosphere’s fairly (?) recent; I’d be terribly sad if it dies so soon, seeing as I’m not even part of it yet :v

      Still, why should you worry about agreement? Sometimes, the most agreement comes when nobody disagrees with you; and thus there’s no point to post a comment, etc. blah blah blah you’ve probably heard this a million times.

      Whatever, I just made my blog to organize my life, and now it’s… still shitty :v But who cares; it’s my blog, and I’m not worried about other people reading it.

      But oh well, it’s probably a waste of my life anyways :X

    • fangzhao says:

      @Seinime: For me, I want to stay a part of the community (since I get to meet people like you, Mushy, etc. who have the same interests as I do!) and simultaneously trying to get a life. It’s some strange, disturbing paradox, but I’m getting the hang of it – homework and life and stuff 99% of the day, online stuff 1% of the day.

      Though the blog whoring is a large part of aniblogging, I try not to do much of that. I don’t read more than a few aniblog posts a week, and I’m clearly not going for the “meaningful post” kind of blog.

      I, too, enjoyed talking with you. I’ll try to keep in touch (in my free time, sadly!).

      @Mushyrulez: Finding the golden balance among blogging, living, and attention-whoring has long been a purpose of bloggers, and each person has to find their own balance. For me personally, it’s great if people comment on my posts, and it’s great if I like blogging. However, my own opinions on the subject change so frequently that I have given up on thinking about it and do whatever I want now.

      And yeah, aniblogging is a waste of life anyway..

  4. feal87 says:

    All of a sudden I have a big reasoning to let my blog become a zombie. XD (Three hot bishoujos in my home?!?!)

  5. didta7 says:

    i hope they will get back to their blog and forget their real life

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