one giant post about boring stuff

This post will cover:

  1. A short history of my (ani)blogging career
  2. Excuses why I haven’t been blogging
  3. The start of a long, beautiful, weeaboo relationship with canon-chan (aka “stories from aniclub night”)
  4. Be my friend because I’m ronery

I was going to make this interesting, but it got too long and I got bored so the boredom shows through in my boring writing.  I hope that you won’t be bored to death.

A short history of me wasting my time on the internet

My blogging career started two years and three months ago, at a little shack in the aniblogging woods:  I was engrossed in anime and aniblogging, putting up episodics and reviews that nobody actually read.  In fact, I think one of the only comments I got in those early days was “Why do you even write this when nobody reads it?”  Because I was stupid at the time and did not have the brain capacity or wit to come up with a suitable comeback, I answered with a long, ranting comment about how it was for me and my enjoyment and other bullshit that I later found out was wrong.

Then, for some reason or another, I decided to shut down my blog (which garnered a couple thousand views in its four/five-month lifetime) and relocated to  On a side note, I also made a blog at just to taunt people who kept writing the URL wrong.  I think I deleted it after I realized that nobody bothered to visit my main blog in the first place. had some really shitty posts in its early days.  However, these really shitty posts caught the attention of 7thwraith, who saved me from the deep, dark pits of shitty aniblogging and introduced me to Anime Nano (which, at the time, was not full of junk and crap yet).  From there, my blogging career took off.  I made more shitty posts and people commented on my shitty posts and more shitty stuff happened and then ANIME EXPO 2009 HAPPENED.

pitifully small and awkward aniblogger meetup

For some strange reason, I decided to be social and posted on icystorm’s blog (which, back in the day, was alive) and went to Anime Expo ’09 expecting some great aniblogging orgy of intellectual discussion about anime, blogging, and anime blogging.

Which kind of happened.  I met a couple of anibloggers and it was very awkward and nobody knew my no-name blog except icystorm and canon_chan/CCY (one of them – I forget who – said that I sucked), and I was very disheartened.  Of course, I could’ve expected this, given how shtity my posts were and how little I commented on other blogs, but it was disheartening all the same.  On the other hand, I didn’t know most of the people there either (I had never heard of Anime Genesis and How a Girl Figures before that..), so it was all good.

So I kept going on this track until last fall, when I got into college and everything changed and I got so much work and I need to go do more work right now but I don’t want to.

Basically, because of that, I decided to scrap the anime blog and make a personal blog at (since, well, I didn’t watch much anime anymore).  But then I realized that I didn’t have time to actually blog about personal stuff either, and scrapped that one too.

And then came winter break.  Oh boy.  My no-life status showed its ugly head and I decided to get a domain name,  And then, a few days later, I decided that $60 was too much to pay and reverted to this blog here.

Why the fuck did you tell me all this?

Because I’m planning on moving to a new blog soon.  I have discovered the secret to free webhosting (perks of going to a really expensive college).

I don’t care.

Neither do I, actually.  I got lazy near the end and skipped over a bunch of stuff.

Excuses why I haven’t been blogging

this is a picture

A couple of days ago, I was brushing my teeth after getting out from the shower.  Naturally, I did not have a shirt on.  I just so happened to be looking down at the sink, and… plop!  A blob of half-foamy toothpaste dropped from my mouth onto my stomach.  I didn’t notice this until after I had rinsed my mouth and was putting my shirt on.  At the time, I had only felt a warm sensation on my stomach, but I was simply too lazy to look down and see what it was.

That blob of toothpaste is this blog.

This blog is that unpleasant warm feeling that just floats around on my stomach.  The only difference between this blog and the toothpaste is that I actually notice that there’s an annoyingly half-foamy blog sitting on my stomach.  The other difference between this blog and the toothpaste is that my laziness is not what’s preventing me from posting.  It’s that I just have too much stuff to do (now that school has started) to post stuff.  There’s even dust building up on the anime in my Videos library.

I think that I’ll end up dropping everything this season (even Fractale and Kore wa Zombie desu ka…!!!) and just watch whatever shit the anime club decides to show.

Speaking of anime club,

The start of a long, beautiful, weeaboo relationship with canon-chan

(aka “stories from aniclub night”)


There’s a minor detail I missed when I described my long, unimportant, uninteresting blogging career.  A few years back, I found this half-finished visual novel featuring canon-chan (“CCY” at the time, I believe) as the main protagonist and other oldfag anibloggers as the romantic interests/cool friends.  Because I was still a fledgling aniblogger back then, I was not in the game as the main love interest (actually, I don’t think anybody would put me in an aniblogger VN even now, considering how little I associate with other anibloggers…).  But anyway, I learned that canon-chan was going to a certain college.  And I got into that college.  And thus for that sole purpose, I went to this college.  (Of course, I also liked the college, but the fact that canon-chan went to the college was the sole reason that I went to the college.)

So basically, I finally met canon-chan last night at anime club, and he gave me a Railgun folder and a Railgun pocketwatch (the minute hand shakes every time the second hand moves :< ).  We also watched Railgun.

nobody tweeted me, mostly because canon-chan’s tweets flooded this out and nobody but mef saw it because she sees everything everywhere

This is what we watched:

  • Mazinkaiser 01
  • Toradora 01
  • Negima (the shitty one) 01
  • Kore wa Zombie desu ka? 01
  • Railgun 01

I think that’s it.  It was random anime night, and for me, that meant “lots of stuff I’ve watched before except some old mecha that I’d never watch otherwise.”  I think that was the case for most of the people there too.  I wonder why we don’t watch new, interesting thin- oh wait, those don’t exist.


So we just sat there and made random, kinda funny/kinda un-funny comments about shitgima’s QUALITY, Mazinkaiser’s breast fire, and Mikoto’s coolness.  And then we left.  And that was it.

Also, canon-chan insulted my SSBB skills and I thought that he was tall, white, and very nerdy.  He probably thought that I was short, Asian, and not that nerdy.  It’s probably because I wear contacts now.

Be my friend because I’m ronery

two socially awkward people trying to become internet friends

I have always wondered how people become so close to people on the internet.  Are they just more friendly?  Are they better than m- pfft, how can that even be possible?  Even so, I don’t have many internet… acquaintances that I can call “friends.”

And then canon-chan accidentally revealed his secret.  He has a netbook.  Using this, he can walk while tweeting, eat while tweeting, and watch anime at anime club while tweeting.  But even then, he needs to sleep.  People like mef(loraine) somehow implant a smartphone into their brains, so they can dream of tweeting and actually tweet it.

I, on the other hand, have a 17″ laptop.  This sounds like not much more than a 15″ laptop, but the difference is huge.  I can’t stuff the thing into my backpack because it’s so big.  It also overheats a lot.  You could probably cook an egg on it.  Naturally, I cannot tweet on my laptop while doing anything else because it might melt or break the table/lap it’s resting on.

I also have a smartphone that has twitter, but that’s irrelevant.

My point is, be my friend.  Perhaps I need a netbook for acquiring internet friends, or perhaps I just cannot acquire internet friends because I am too busy with homework and stuff, but be my friend.  I am lonely sometimes.

Just remember that I don’t live on twitter.

31 Comments on “one giant post about boring stuff”

  1. kary says:

    im ur fren @!!!!

    Speaking of which, when’s your spring break?

  2. 2DT says:

    But I am your friend.

    … Granted, a friend that knows very little about you and never met you in person, and so isn’t all that good of one yet. But still!

    • fangzhao says:

      All I know about you is that you’re living the dream, teaching high/middle school students in Japan.

      All you know about me is that I’m an Asian kid in the same college as “quite intimidating” canon.

      Where did you meet canon, by the way? I’m sure you can’t tell his height from something like a Skype-sscsav thing. Are there some random aniblogger meetups that I’m not aware of?

  3. mefloraine says:

    I see all. I tweet all. Kekekeke.
    (Even when it costs me money.)


  4. Ruby says:

    Geez I never knew you moved around so much xD no wonder I couldn’t find this blog~
    It’s easy to become friends with anyone on the internet, just say so! 8D look you already have 2 new buddies xD

    • fangzhao says:

      For me, making friends is really hard, even IRL. Some people I just click with, and others I eventually find myself befriending. However, I haven’t found any clickers on the internet as of yet (mostly due to the lack of conversation/twittering, I think).

      Though I could just take your word for it and lower my friend bar. Maybe that would make me a less cynical person. derp

  5. Mystlord says:

    Lol if you want the secret to getting friends, it’s to whore yourself. Then people know you. And you get… wait hold on a second… 679 or 566 (at the time of this writing), followers on twitter that are actually somewhat legitimate. Then you can safely drop blogging, while still maintaining aforementioned friends. Easy, right? 😀

  6. RP says:

    I think the secret to getting friends is to get a macbook air. Then you get into all the cool clubs and you get to sneer down at people with regular netbooks… usually all while drinking a triple caramel machiatto and munching on some sicilian scones.

  7. Also, canon-chan insulted my SSBB skills

    You guys play Brawl in your anime club? INTENSE!!! Maybe I should join mine, too, but not really *BA DUM PSH*. If Nintendo’s online-thingy weren’t so crappy, I’d hand your ass (and Canon-chan’s) in seconds! Btw, I feel I’ve asked this before, but who’s your main? =3

    Well, at least you have one REAL LIFE friend! I only have internet friends, and I can’t even smell them :<

    • fangzhao says:

      Hey, I don’t even WANT to smell canon. I limit my smelling to Asian girls.

      Also, we don’t play Brawl in aniclub. (It might be cool if we did, though.) I play Brawl every day in my room when I don’t want to do math homework. 🙁

      Finally, Captain Falcon (previously Marth). THAT KNEE…!

  8. KannoFan83 says:

    I kinda miss you over at the ZOMG forums. I spent a lotta time on there last year, after coming back from Korea and living at home for a while. Whooo, that sucked. Everyone who posts there now is boring.

    Picked up Lucky Star off your Anime-Planet list. Thanks for that; it’s killing me.

    • fangzhao says:

      Oh, no wonder your name seemed so familiar. Didn’t know any ZOMG forummers besides jerseyse410 (I think that was his user?) read my blog… ever.

      You’re welcome for the… killing. I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

      • KannoFan83 says:

        Hahahah, good thing. I’m a fan of Otaku centric shows, such as Genshiken, so Konata especially cracks me up, though the whole cast is pretty funny. And the little TV blurbs at the end of each ep are priceless.

  9. fangzhao says:

    @all: I have a habit of combining seriousness with un-seriousness in everything I do (blogging, commenting, real-lifing). It’s gotten to a point where whenever I say something serious, people think I’m joking and whenever I poke fun at something, people think I’m being serious. Thus if I ever make strange, funny comments, it’s because I’m trying to combine a degree of seriousness with my humor or a degree of humor with my seriousness.

    I sincerely thank everybody who commented, both here and on twitter, and those who consider me their friend but didn’t bother to comment because they’re not really my friend. (example of poking fun, there. It’s all good, people.) And thanks to canon_chan for moving his mighty hand on twitter and getting me lots of hits today.

    P.S.: Rrrrrrrruuuuuuuhhhhhrr.

  10. Scamp says:

    I’d be your friend, but I think I’m destined to be alone.

    In my corner of the internet.

    Getting annoyed at people who don’t have the same opinions about certain foreign cartoons as I do.



  11. I’ll be your friend if you’re interested in a long distance relationship.

  12. foomafoo says:

    You’ve been commenting a lot on Shit Storm as far as I remember although I really didn’t had the chance to befriend you because of you wandering so much (and of course me being socially awkward as well). was surprised when you turned Mikotoism to Setsunaism and now, it’s like this. I even remember you posting some weird thing about Kurogane on your past blog… So yeah, I’ve been seeing you all along but never had the chance to interact with you. And nao, I’ve finally commented on your blog! Hahaha. I commend you though for posting an entry like this. I mean,.. I won’t probably resort to something like this to gain friends in the internet since this needs some guts(ie. re:Mystlord’s whoring yourself).

    PS. you’re not alone on the thinking “I suck at blogging”.

    • fangzhao says:

      I am a lot more socially awkward online than IRL, which is the opposite of most people. I realized that one day while playing WoW and none of my real-life friends were on. So ronery…

      That thing with Kurogane was part of the Aniblog Tourney. For some stupid reason, I got put up against that monster of a blog in the second round (after thoroughly beating Shit Storm…) and got owned.

      Also, yay first comment. I have never heard of you, but I have your blog bookmarked so I guess I’ve read it at some point or another. Personally, I don’t see this post as resorting to something – I just say whatever I want on my blog, IRL, in bed, etc. It usually turns out bad, but sometimes opinions like this come out into the open and I’m super embarrased about it afterward!

      Minaide! Hazukashii…

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