Trapeze 01

Things I understood about this episode: absolutely nothing.

Will I keep watching this show?  Yes.

Why?  I have no idea.

Blue bird head man drops groceries for foreigners?  what is this i don’t even.

????? ?????.

Where does the poop go for this outhouse thing?  ?????.

What is this??  And then John was a Fukuicchi.

10 Comments on “Trapeze 01”

  1. glothelegend says:


    (this is not sarcasm, I actually think this might make my top ten if I watch it).

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  3. usagijen says:

    Imma watch this because the kewl kids do, YEAH 😛

  4. Yi says:

    I just seem to make my mind up about whether this is good or bad. It’s that trippy.

  5. TJ says:

    Lol you’re not watching it right. You need to be high on something in order to make sense of psychedelic shows like these.

  6. fangzhao says:

    Yeah, you’d definitely need to be high on something to get anything out of a show like this.

    Though that said, I will try and continue to be confused.

  7. PhoenixRider says:

    My god this is hilarious.

  8. Ruby says:

    I should start watching this some time soon.

  9. wah says:

    The show makes perfect sense, it just looks a little weird.

    Actually, I was disappointed that the stories were so straight forward and the pacing is more or less normal.

  10. a4a says:

    Reminds me of Paprika, or any bizarre anime (even the sequences in the Death Note openings)

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