Norio Wakamoto 2010

There’s a reason why this is the first picture to show up if you google “Norio Wakamoto.”  He’s just that good.

So I was browsing blogs and forums, and I came across this site:

Apparently, us non-Elevens can now vote for the “Overseas Fanfs Choice Awards,” and who better to win this than the prestigious Norio Wakamoto?

Rie Tanaka?  Who’s that?
Some wanna-be Norio Wakamoto?
No thanks, I’d rather have the real deal.

that Norio Wakamoto would win this competition.

So get your lazy asses up and vote for Norio Wakamoto!

13 Comments on “Norio Wakamoto 2010”

  1. 7 says:


  2. glothelegend says:

    Even Norio Wakamoto couldn’t kick Norio Wakamoto’s ass. Or wait, is this a paradox?

  3. Cokematic says:

    He makes any show that sucks into something FAAAAAAAABULOUS

  4. animekritik says:

    what? we can’t choose any other seiyuu beside those two??

  5. Panther says:

    Emperor Wakamoto. There can be no reason why he should not win this by default. Why take part in a rigged contest, when he already has won and does not need to dirty himself by participating?

  6. Yi says:

    Being so awesome, he probably doesn’t need my vote to win.

  7. fangzhao says:

    This should be renamed the Norio Wakamoto Awards, because everybody knows he’s going to win every category. Sometimes, I just don’t get these Japanese people…

  8. that picture, says:

    is made of utter failure for one reason,

    Black shadow image moments before his death wasn’t in the background (killed by the galaxy annihilating all powerful in anime FARUKON PAWNCH.).

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