Valkyria Chronicles 03: Behold my sporadic episodics!

I finally get what "moe" is now!

Lately, I’ve been blogging random episodes from random shows.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking “the next thing he’s going to say is that he’s going to try and stop doing that.”  Well, you’re wrong, because I’m going to continue doing this until my brain recovers from my being sick and I can finally think again.  (aka “episodics are easier to do, so I’m slacking off because I’m still sick”)

This is what I feel like right now:

Yes, I feel very tired.  And bored.

Tired = does not want to blog.
Bored = wants to blog.
Tired + Bored = random episodics, obviously. 

Props to anybody who can tell who that girl is.

And now, the feature presentation (I think this post turned out quite well)…

Just when I thought I’d seen it all


That tank’s gotta be taking some kind of damage… right?  Right?

Yeah!  Tell that loser who’s boss!

Wait, wait, why are you motioning with your hand?

Does that hand motion say “TANKS MOVE ON LAND, NOT WATER,” or is it a testament to your stupidity?!

“Largo” means “very slow” in music, you know.

I don’t think “meritocracy” is a word in these parts.

At least 07-Ghost has got that down pat (perhaps the only thing going for it)…


I’m not sure whether I should be complaining about this or not…

On one hand, it seems like it fits the setting: people respect Welkin for his father, and expect him to be best suited for the position of leader.  Yet on the other hand, it looks like some cheap trick to force Welkin into a plot situation where he has to overcome his distaste for violence (or have Alicia help him, at any rate).

Largo’s chin is getting annoying.  It’s more than just a cleft.
A cleft is something of a small dent, maybe a little crevasse.

Largo’s chin is like the Grand Canyon.
It looks almost painful for him to have such a chin.
…I wonder how he cleans between the cheeks.


Rosie has a weird hairdo.  Still, it ain’t half as bad as this:


no u, unimportant and boring side character.  Go be useless somewhere else.

In war, sex appeal is very useful.  Enemy soldiers will stop and gawk at your belly-button for a good half-second, just long enough for you to shoot first!

Miss “I’m scared of fighting, but I joined the army for the hell of it” didn’t say anything in this episode.  I wonder how she did on the field…

In other news, the guy behind said scaredy-cat is wearing lipstick (click on the picture to see it better).  I’m pretty damn sure that this isn’t some mistake, since it shows up again and again.

Everytime this guy shows up, he’s wearing lipstick.

Better pictar-ishes:

Since nobody else has such flamboyantly rosy lips, I think it’s safe to say that this man really is wearing lipstick.

This says…

The physique left the Largo excellent results well in military training in the compulsory education since childhood.

This means…

Largo scored well because he was forced to learn military arts.

The physique left the Largo.  Lol.

It is born in the villafe in the Gaul Dukedom and the Ghirlandajo Provinces.  It is called by the pet name of stage name “Rosie” in the singer age of the bar though the real name is Brigitte Starck.

Although that last sentence is arguably the shittiest Engrish I’ve seen in anime, what strikes me as uber-fail is the fact that Rosie’s last name isn’t consistent.
Stark –> Starck.  It’s in the same damn scene, so you might as well get it right!

And this is A-1, the company that made Kannagi, my favorite anime?
I’m disappointed.

Next episode: “A brief day off.”

aka “After only three episodes, we’re going to insert a filler episode!”

I’ve yet to see/hear of another anime that put a filler episode so early.
Even the characters are disgusted. 

I'm with you on that one, Kana.

3 Comments on “Valkyria Chronicles 03: Behold my sporadic episodics!”

  1. Roy Mustang says:

    And this is A-1, the company that made Kannagi, my favorite anime? I’m disappointed.

    I bite the bullet in order to prevent the loneliness. If we hadn’t known the row of cherry trees would have been gone, we wouldn’t have found fortune given by them. Because we all did nothing, except for making the grade by might and main.

    —I think they’re just winging it.

  2. jerseyse410 says:

    ok so i agree with you on the bad engrish, i actually paused it once i speedread through it because i was like, wait? wtf? engrish bad? blah. anyways, alicia makes this show for me because i love kana! more alicia, less big chin guy. though i have seen a guy like him before with a cleft in his chin the size of a grand canyon, believe me, you cant take your eyes away. its like how you cant stop looking at a chick that wears a white t-shirt to a wet t-shirt contest.

  3. fangzhao says:

    @Roy Mustang: KyoAni did a horrible job with that translation… ):
    And yeah, they probably are winging it.

    @jerseyse410: Definitely. Kana is awesome, and Alicia is awesome (though I personally don’t think that that’s a factor in Alicia’s awesomeness). I like your imaginative similie. :p

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