Random thoughts on Cross Game

This is an awesome imouto.

I love Cross Game.  10/10 thus far.

Therefore, I will share a few of my random thoughts on this anime.
(That’s another way of saying that this post contains nothing important.)

This thing is still freaking scary.

Look how long its tongue is.  It’s like a frog or something.

And what’s up with its front legs?  Is it disabled?

Plus the tail looks like a baseball bat.  Is it supposed to be symbolic?


And the most important thing in subbing is… well, it doesn’t really matter, does it, Shikisubs?

Shitty font, shitty translation, shitty grammar, shitty shit shit.  Poop.

I’ve always wondered: don’t Kou and Aoba need to be upside-down for us to see their reflections in the water like this?

I, too, put my mitt on my head to look cool.

So the conversation goes…

“Hey Aoba, want to go out on a date with me?”
*hangs up*

I don’t think it’s “waiting for an answer” anymore.  It’s more like “Want to go out with me?  HAHA TRICKED YOU, LOSER” 

“…we’re twins!”

K is for Kou!

If this guy took down three guys, all three years older than him, at once… and he’s the second strongest, I want to see Akaishi in action.

What a badass.

This man has no eyebrows.



These guys sure don’t seem like middle-schoolers.  The one in the middle looks like a middle-aged man.  Unintentional middle repetition middle there middle.

This anime has some ugly characters.
I know they’re supposed to be ugly, but… UGH!



In conclusion, this post was basically an excuse to put up that last screenshot.

8 Comments on “Random thoughts on Cross Game”

  1. Roy Mustang says:

    Everybody is raving about this show but I couldn’t get past 30 seconds into the first episode because the character designs are so ugly. Anybody else as big as a eyecandy whor* as me?

    • fangzhao says:

      That’s what I felt, too, but I’m a huge fan of slice-of-life. I stuck around, and I wasn’t disappointed – that first episode delivered some awesome.

  2. jerseyse410 says:

    im with roy mustang, i downloaded the first ep. i usually dont watch sport animes but saki has me hooked, maybe its the AWESOME DANGOS but idk. anyways back to cross game, i made it about 5-7 mins i think and i was like nope! fuck this, the art actually just made me shudder, it annoyed and i dont know why and it got promptly deleted+dropped.

    • Roy Mustang says:

      Ha. I’m surprised you made it to 5 minutes. I think K-ON has lowered by tolerance for ugly characters by a substantial amount. I mean, I was even able to make it though Vision of Escaflowne despite its plot contradicting ugly character designs. But now…

      The same thing happened with Kanon 2006. I couldn’t even finish watching Toei Kanon because of the ugliness.

      KONAni has made me into a moe whore….

  3. jerseyse410 says:

    oh ive been a moe whore for as long as i can remember, Konani just forcibly increased the amount of moe my brain had to intake per week. i dont necessarily think the K-ON! characters are ugly, i like the simplistic feel that they have and i absolutely adore all of the 500 different yui facial expressions that ive seen so far.

    I dropped Kanon 2006 and the remake for a whole different reason. man that shit was boring! i love key and Konani but dear lord, kanon was just absolutely terrible, i still havent understood what the big rave about that was. i love clannad though so idk maybe im just weird.

    Lexy, no bad K-ON! art jokes!

  4. fangzhao says:

    ^ This ain’t no joke, though! I think K-ON! really does have some bad art. The character design is okay… most of the time. But when you look at anything except the heads and the torsos, it looks pretty bad.

    Kanon 2006 turned out to be an incredible experience for me. It was the best harem anime, a major improvement on Air and something that CLANNAD couldn’t match (though After Story made me dole out a 10 for the massive amounts of drama present).

    I rarely drop anime because of art, though it definitely makes me biased as hell. And to set the record straight: I think that Cross Game has great art. It’s just that it has the simplistic, ordinary, and copy-pasted character designs of Mitsuru Adachi (who, by the way, is a god at pacing).

    • Roy Mustang says:

      The only thing that bothered me a bit about K-ONs art style was the Ushio legs. I think they fixed that for Ep4. The soft bluriness bothered me too. But that’s entirely an encoding issue rather than an animation one.

      jerseyse410, how far did you make it into Kanon? Ep1 and 2 were pretty slow paced but I thought things really got interesting at the end of Ep3.

  5. jerseyse410 says:

    im not sure exactly how many i made it in. i remember the chick he meets who stole bread i think, i remember the chick who guards the school fighting demons or some weird shit like that and thats about all i think.

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