Rhythm Emotion

Back in 1999-2000, I watched Gundam Wing on Toonami.  One of my best friends back then was several years older than me and a hardcore otaku (with Chobits posters plastered all around his room), and he would keep on playing the second opening to Gundam Wing, Rhythm Emotion.  I moved to a different state, met new friends, et cetera.  I still watched Toonami, but I gradually forgot about chunks of Gundam Wing.  By 2003, I had completely forgotten everything about Gundam Wing except the melody of Rhythm Emotion.

So one day in 2003, I was playing Neopets (it was all the rage back then) when I stumbled across a site that had music to put in Neopets shops.  And I just happened to find this piece of music that sounded like a cheap ripoff of Rhythm Emotion.  It was an instrumental version stripped of almost everything but the main melody.  But hey, it matched the tune that had been in my head for three years!

And then the music site shut down.  I never managed to get the title of the song.

Over the next seven years, I searched for the song.  The few things I knew about it were that my friend loved it and that it was on a Neopets website.  I fell out of touch with my childhood friend, so I wasn’t going to phone him and ask for the title.  Plus the melody had been warping into something crazy in my head.  When I watched Shakugan no Shana and heard ‘sociometry,’ I thought I’d found the song!

So imagine my surprise when I found the song last year, a full decade after I first heard it.  Wow.  I had had the stupid thing stuck in my head for ten years.

If “God Knows…” represents my love for anime, then “Rhythm Emotion” stands for my long history with anime.  It’s been quite a journey, but I’m sure as hell glad that it’s finally over.

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