God Knows…

I believe this isn’t the actual concert scene, but it’s close enough.

Also the other one is grainy and 240p and out-of-sync.

Also the dub is pretty amazing. Lip syncing and song translating, wow!

In all my years of watching anime, the one scene that never fails to impress and humble me is the God Knows concert from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.  It represents all that I love about anime: flawless animation, a crazy and interesting premise, and characters that stick with you for years (not to mention some nice music!).

I wasn’t actively following anime back in 2006 when Haruhi came out, and I never got to watch the anime in its original airing order.  I don’t find the series extraordinary, but I can’t deny that it’s good.  I also can’t deny that it’s made a large impact on my life.

Four years ago, after hearing much about a legendary anime called “Haruhi no yuutsu something,” I decided to watch the damn thing.  Though I did read some manga back then (Negima and Eyeshield), I wasn’t much of an otaku/anime aficionado.  So I went into Haruhi with very little anime knowledge and very high expectations.

Had Haruhi failed to awe me in 2007, I wouldn’t be here right now.  I got sucked into a neverending vortex of anime, manga, weeaboo figures, and more, and I owe it all to Haruhi, and to God Knows.

CURSE Y Thank you.

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