RIP O-New, Barely Even Knew You

As you may have heard, a prolific blogger hung his hat up earlier last month. He was one of the few people from the aniblog community who semi-regularly followed my blog, and I’d always remembered him as a silly guy with silly posts and that goddamn ugly orange color scheme on his blog.

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Re: Is It Wrong To Make Assumptions About People From Their Tastes?

So I visited an anime blog today and read half of a post, and I thought it was interesting and here’s some crap about it.

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Blog Carnival: On beginning posts with “on”

Foxy Lady Ayame has no idea who I am but is hosting a blog carnival and I want to play the clown.  But since I don’t have many opinions that weren’t covered by other people, I guess I’ll just type up some junk like usual and hope somebody likes it.

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On Kokoro Connect

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Space Brothers

I’m only watching two shows this season: Eureka Seven AO and Space Brothers.  If you guys could recommend some other good ones (not crappy jazz), that’d be great.

Eureka Seven has the best music I’ve heard in an anime in a while.  Repetitive, yes, but when the music starts, you know Ao’s going to kick some ass.  Space Brothers, too, has some great music.  It’s got some string stuff that comes in at important times to say “hey, this is touching.”  And, surprisingly, it works!

But besides that, Space Brothers is a failure.

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