Ten years of Mikotoism

I started Mikotoism ten years ago, when I was just discovering the world of anime. Feeling the urge to share my newfound passion, I started a blog and wrote trashy things about trashy anime. Over the years, my interest and enthusiasm for anime and blogging have gone up and (mostly) down, but have never fully disappeared.

I have mixed feelings about how I’ve handled my blog and my readers. I “restarted” my blog many times, trying to chase some ideal, and I never found a way to connect with my frequent readers outside of my own bubble of a blog. But overall, I feel mostly pride. Looking back, it seems like I’ve been able to accomplish something truly concrete by writing all of these posts.

I’d like for this to be my last blog post, but I don’t think I can hold to that. I want to thank everybody who visited my blog in the past, and anybody who stumbles on this site in the future. This is ten years for Mikotoism, ______ism, some aniblog, Misaki Thursday, and flomu.

Thanks for reading.

6 Comments on “Ten years of Mikotoism”

  1. SparkNorkx says:

    It’s unfortunate to see another veteran aniblogger going away.

    Good luck with your life.

    • flomu says:

      Hey, thanks for commenting! I didn’t think anybody would read this, and seeing your comment was a nice surprise.

      I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching anime and reading manga, but my attitude towards blogging has changed so much. Although I love blogging and writing in general, I think blogs have become an outdated way of communication… sites like reddit are so much more useful for discussion, even if they’re a lot less personal and everybody’s vying for upvotes. I hope you keep up the good fight, though. Blogging has been very rewarding to me.

      Though who knows – I might come back and write again. This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve tried to quit blogging…

  2. Seinime says:

    Mikoto best girl

  3. GlintLock says:

    It’s a shame I’ve only just found this blog now 5 years after it ended. Seeing what kind of anime you like and the way you sensibly review stuff is really refreshing, and I would have liked to see even more of it.

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