The Greatest Anime Ever Made Season 2 Episode 2



For the sake of making Mikoto & Co. look cool and badass, there’s always the oblivious Level 0 trash that appear out of nowhere. Why not younger, student evil people? Why are all of the bad guys 20 to 30-year-old men without any esper powers? What are you trying to say about powerless men in their twenties? Why can’t they be good guys too? Why can’t I become an electromeister??

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  1. hhmobius says:

    They’re there as foils to accentuate the moemoe kawaii shit. Or they’re actually self-inserts of the creators, who dream of having their asses handed to them by super-powered middle school girls.

    You can’t be an electromeister? You’re not trying hard enough. I’ll shatter that illusion of yours! (watching index and just started season 2. godawful stuff. is railgun really any better?)

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