Flomu the Origination


What does flomu mean?  Why flomu?  I hate flomu!!

I get this a lot, and I usually respond with “flomu is the big brother of Shamu, birthed during a game of Brawl where I needed a moniker.”  And while this is the truth, it isn’t the truth.  Truth be told, “flomu” has a truly terrifying etymology.  There are many truths in this world that should never be truthed, and this is truly one of the aforementioned truths.


If you simply glance over the five letters in “flomu,” you might think that it’s a Western word, concocted out of the drunken stupor of some poor deranged soul.  And you’re only half right.  You see, “mu” stands for the Greek letter “μ.”  This letter finds use in all areas of science and mathematics, standing in for linear density, averages, the coefficient of friction, mass, the magnetic dipole moment, and more.  There’s even a particle called the muon.

So MU encapsulates my physics side, the side that actually sounds smart.

You may notice that μ only takes up 40% of my name.  This has a direct connection with how much thinking I put into every post: 40%.  Given most humans use 39% of their brain on any given task, this should strike you as impressive (if it doesn’t, you must be at the *pfft* 38 percent level [laughter]).

ASIDE: μ looks awfully like an “m” and a “u” put together.  Or maybe that’s the point.  It also looks like a bent-over “u” hurling its lunch out, which was probably a baguette since the barf is so long.


The other half of my name can be traced back to ancient Japan, where samurai and ninja fought each other and ate sashimi because sushi was developed later.  And after eating so much sashimi, their hands would be all sticky and gross.  But since it was ancient Japan, there were no sinks so they had to take baths instead.  In the bath, they took out their tablets and iPhones and started reading this blog (it’s been around for a while).  After long days eating sashimi and cutting each other down, such a soothing blog with such melodious language served to calm these formidable foes.  Thus, they named their baths after the great blogger of the Sengoku – Heisei eras, flomu.

However, this was ancient Japan.  So they couldn’t really read the “mu” part of flomu because it’s Western.  They made do with what they had and named their baths “honorable flo,” or ofuro (お風呂).

Again, since 60% of flomu is devoted to the ancient art of bathtime skinship (flo), it’s no wonder that 60% of what I say is pure garbage aka anime-related stuff.

My full name, interpreted correctly, is shown above.

East-West mixup mashup

The astute reader may have noticed that while “flomu” did turn out to be half Western and half Eastern, the East side was on the left and the West on the right.  My name does not conform to usual, expected behavior, and neither does this post.  What the hell am I even talking about right now?  This was supposed to be an anime blog about all things anime, but this really isn’t anime.  It barely qualifies as Japanese-related.  I only watched two episodes of anime in the past week (Jinrui 08 and Kokoroco 07) and they were good but I don’t want to watch any more.  Man this is sooo saiyakuda…

Save these two pictures and go into Windows Photo Viewer and go back and forth between them really fast.  It looks like the bird is dancing.

Why I like Nichijou (cause) and cannot write anything interesting (effect)

  1. Funny
  2. That’s it

I often read other blogs and notice all the big words people use.  And how they mine episodes of anime for gems of meaning that probably are true.  But I really just want a good laugh, and Nichijou provides it for me.  I’ve tried writing about how and why this happens, but I can never get it across… probably because I don’t care and I don’t know why I laugh.  I still try to be up with the rest of them bloggers and it kind of works sometimes

Other times, I write posts about my name.

This heartfelt post is dedicated to the 2 Nichijou figures sitting in my display case 24.5 inches away from my left elbow, the Nano figure somewhere over the Atlantic that’s headed towards my address, and the 11 Nichijou figures I preordered last week from Amiami.

7 Comments on “Flomu the Origination”

  1. Mushyrulez says:

    once upon a time I read a jesus post and it had many pictures and I scrolled down really fast and then they moved

    it was so surreal seeing pictures flomove

  2. Marow says:

    I can’t wait till we actually reach the Animation.

    • flomu says:

      I considered making a video in response to this comment, but got lazy and decided to draw a picture of my avatar in MS Paint. And then I gave up on that sorry

      I need to get working on the Arietta OVA first.

  3. Jay says:

    Not to mention there is a music group called FLOW. FLOmusic. Jibun woooo~!

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