When I finish an anime, there’s a long pause where I just think, “wow, it’s over.”  It’s rougher with some series, but generally I feel the same thing every time: a bit of regret and a bit of satisfaction.

But when I finished Gintama, it was different.  I felt a sense of accomplishment, as if watching 67 hours of an anime was something to be immensely proud of.  As the last poorly-translated line appeared on my screen, I thought, “wow, have I done something magnificent.”

When I think about it, it’s actually kinda sad…




….that I won’t be seeing Kagura, Shinpachi, and Gintoki on screen anymore…!!!

I really have done something magnificent, huh?

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  1. glothelegend says:

    Gintama will never end!! NEVERRR!!

    Love the new name.

    • fangzhao says:

      Sorachi better be drawing his heart out, cause I want to see season 2 ASAP!

      Naming my blog “y5wyghtjr7iu” has definitely been one of my better ideas.

  2. Guy says:

    Truly the last episode, or you just caught up with it?

    It’s amazing they let money-cows end. I think they’ll never let Bleach and Naruto end, for instance…. >.<

    • fangzhao says:

      Actually, in Gintama’s case, the anime was on the manga’s heels for years, and the show had to be stopped before it overtook the manga.


  3. Taka says:

    you magnificent bastard! Finishing Gintama is something to be damned proud of. Pity the fools who spurn Gintama.

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