Your favorite anime blog

Answer me this (via comments, blog post, twitter, whatever):

What is your favorite anime blog, and why?

and/or What is your most-hated anime blog, and why? (I’d advise you go easy on this one, though.  It may have repercussions – unless, of course, you talk about Mikotoism.  That blog sucks balls.)

@anime bloggers, please don’t say your own blog.


This is by no means a “self-improvement” post or whatever. In my quest to discover why “popular” blogs are popular and why “semi-popular” blogs are still really popular, I’ve decided to go straight to the source: readers and bloggers. I’m not just talking about DannyChoo (I’ve given up on trying to understand why people love to know what Danny Choo has for lunch and how much he loves his dolls) and SanCom (sensationalized news always attracts people). I’m referring more to blogs like RandomC – blogs that aren’t extraordinary, yet receive an extraordinary amount of attention.

I also want to know which kind of blog is most interesting: episodic, editorial, or meta. Most blogs feature a combination of the three, but they usually lean towards one side. (For example, I’d say Mikotoism is primarily a… shit. Uh… Metatorisodic? I have no idea. If you think you know, tell me, because I honestly don’t.)

I also want to know if frequent posters are more well received than infrequent posting. Though this has no relation to Mikotoism (sporadic posting is coolsauce), I want to know.


Also, I think that the aniblogosphere needs something like this. The OEG is trying to clean the term “otaku,” not rate blogs, yet so many people complain when a popular blog is eliminated. The blog itself isn’t bad – it’s its usage of “otaku” that fails the test. The only thing is, not many people are interested in that. By nature, we (bloggers) are all list and rating-crazy, reflected in the ratings we give shows, episodes, first impressions, etc. and lists like “Best ___ anime of the decade.” We are attracted to the OEG (some support the OEG’s efforts with blind gusto) not for the OEG, but for its ratings.


Yeah, but that’s ’cause her blog just happened to fail both the OEG’s standards and blogger/blog standards (I don’t think it’s even possible to argue in defense of a Dannychoo groupie blog like that).

Thus I want to find out which blogs “pass” according to our (readers + bloggers) standards. It would be nice if this spread to other blogs, but it’s more for my own curiosity anyway.


P.S.: @OEG guys, if you are reading this: Sorry for my post on you, if you were offended (though according to that blurb on Mikotoism, that’s unlikely). I was more angry at the stupid reactions to your crusade. I could care less if you passed or failed me (though in all honesty, I don’t really refer to myself as “otaku” anyway – I’m just your average asian kid who watches anime too much and needs a life), but I get angry when I see so many bloggers supporting you guys when I know that many of them are just supporting the pass/fail system and not your goals.

P.P.S.: @OEG guys: I will still make jabs at you. Because I’m a troll and there’s nothing else in the ‘sphere to jab at except for Danny Choo and Artefact (everybody hates them anyway).

P.P.P.S.: [What I could use another post to type up, but conserving space is fine too] Winter season is really good. The second episodes of Sora no Woto (covered in previous post), Dance in the Vampire Bund, Durarara!!, and Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu have all reached the bars that their first episodes set. This season is, so far, one of the greatest in the past few years. It’s like Fall 2008 without all the shit. Quality over quantity for the win.

P.P.P.P.S: This may turn out to be a good idea or a really bad idea, depending on how many and who manages to see this post/comment here. Hmmn.

P.P.P.P.P.S: Sorry about the huge, block-of-text post.  You can use this as proof when you say how bad Mikotoism is.

88 Comments on “Your favorite anime blog”

  1. I like Mikotoism because despite being pretty young for a blogger, he actually knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t afraid of telling others his honest opinion… oh, but you’re not my favorite blog. I just thought I should give you some compliments since it’s not everyday that we would randomly give out compliments (but in this case it’s not random)… it’s not like I’m expecting anything in return! *HMPH*

    annnnddddd most hated blog… that’s sort of harsh, but to not end on a dry note, I do agree with your notion on Random C. I wasn’t into the anime blogosphere back in old days, but I know that Kabitzin is pretty cool with Omni (Random C guy). I’m also curious as to why he’s so popular, because when I compared his posts to Kabitzin, there was a clear difference: Kabitzin was better. annnnnd I’ll end there. My fanboy is showing! ;3

    (haha, I mention Kabitzin like everybody knows him or something…)

  2. Inactive Blogs: The Animanachronism, and Shameful Otaku Secret.

    Iknight is my idol and I immediately wanted to write posts like he does, only more as a fanboy and less as a discerning editorialist like he is.

    Otou-san is a favorite for his everyman wit, his conciseness, and his visual design sense. I use slideshows because he used them one time. I learned a lot of things and get a lot of juice from his rare posts.

    Active Blogs:

    Kritik der Animationskraft and Ha Neul Seom

    Animekritik can take something banal and write playfully with it in an intellectual manner (emphasis on playful!). I try to ape him quite a bit.

    gaguri can see many things that are invisible to me (visual elements of anime and manga), and I really learn a lot from the way he presents his subjects.

    I have a bias for these two blogs also because they started around the same time I did (4Q 2008).

    I favor editorial blogs not because they’re inherently superior, rather because their subjects are often relevant to my interests.

    There are lots of blogs that I really like; they’re either in my blogroll, or in my feed reader.

    • fangzhao says:

      I favor editorial blogs not because they’re inherently superior, rather because their subjects are often relevant to my interests.

      I’d have to contest this.

      I think that episodic blogs depend solely on the writer’s skills. Even though there are themes to an author’s posts (for you, that’d be mecha), if an author is skilled enough at writing, it doesn’t matter. Unless, of course, you talk about nothing but one subject.

      Like figures.

      Fuck figure blogs.

      • LOL. My favorite episodic blog is Sea Slugs. The only problem is that they never do shows I’m watching. Why I like this particular blog is less about the actual words on the page, but rather the ‘feel’ (which is skill too I suppose):

        …that of an office water cooler where people gather around to talk about last night’s show. I read THAT because of the Macross love there, but I find the massive image dumps hard to digest and I mostly skip the image commentary entirely.

        I don’t know if I disagree with you, but here’s what’s going on when I read episodic blogs.

        • fangzhao says:

          Shit, I meant to say “editorial” instead of “episodic.”

          But hey, it still kind of makes sense with episodic blogs. Kabitzin really does know how to make an episodic sound more than an episodic.

          Image dumps/boring synopses are really the bane of episodic posts (besides, who reads an episodic before watching the episode? D:<). All the readers need is a refresher, not a full-blown summary!

    • THIS. I’m going to second Kritik der Animationskraft, it’s my favorite anime blog ever.

      Least favorite? I don’t know, probably Darknives, since they do straight-up summaries and pretty much nothign else.

  3. chii says:

    Ha Neul Seom and Fuzakenna are my favourites.

    I don’t really hate any blogs out there. sure there’s a lot of boring ones and all but I only see those once and never really go back. (then again I’m very new to the blogsphere) Everyone on my blogroll I enjoy and try to visit often.

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    I like Eye Sedso. He updates frequently and keeps things funny.

    Comedy blogs will always be at the top of my list. Too bad there are so few. The situation’s so pathetic that I probably consider you one of the top 10 comedic talents in the aniblogosphere.

  5. mefloraine says:

    P.P.P.P.P.P.S: I really like your blog, honestly. Trolls are fun, apparently.
    And I also like Sea Slugs! Anime Blog because I like reading 159’s crazy posts, and Namako is cute.
    I also used to like We Love Maids a lot, just…because I did, but it doesn’t seem as though I’ll be able to keep it at the top much longer…
    Basically, I like my blogroll.

    And I generally dislike most blogs like Metanorn or Otaku Complex for their layout, but not their content. Too much stuff going on = I hate going to comment = I can’t participate in your blogging experience = I don’t read you. >.<

    But I don't really have a favorite blog or a blog I hate. I guess I just like the entertaining ones.

  6. Scamp says:

    My favourite blog by a bizzilion miles is Ogiue Maniax. I never even get a chance to comment on the guys blog because all I would say is ‘I totally agree, you are my hero’. Also I have do admit that, while I don’t really care about the term otaku whatsoever, the OEG have become one of my absolute favourite just for solid entertainment. Least favourite are tl;dr blogs that read like an academic journal and any blog that uses the term ‘post-modernism’, ‘marxism’ or ‘Fruedian’ and is being totally serious

    • Scamp says:

      Clicked the submit button too early…

      For episodic blogs, I only like them for the duration of the show I’m following. Rabbitpoets with Spice and Wolf, Blogsuki with Bakemonogatari, I stop reading them when they aren’t blogging something I like. That’s why RandomC is popular. They blog so much that you’ll always find something each season that he’s blogging. Peoples favourites come from a blogger that they can always follow, which is why I bet most people will respond with editorial blogs.

    • THIS too. Ogiue Maniax is relentlessly interesting and almost as prolific as me. Another of my favorites.

    • fangzhao says:

      Ogiue Maniax…. I’ve heard the name come up a lot, and I’ve visited it quite a few times, but I haven’t seen anything outstanding about it.

      Maybe it’s the blocks of text that turn me off. I can’t stand reading so much.

      As for episodics, I think a vibrant personality is needed. Kabitzin (I keep mentioning him, damn it!) adds his own impressions of each episode even in his summaries. Omni, on the other hand, writes like a robot. Sometimes I can’t even tell if he likes an episode or not. 🙁

      Though I agree that you need to be on the same wavelength for anything to work. I can’t read Spice and Wolf episodics because I dropped that show (but then again, I still visit RP’s blog… hmm.)

      • Ogiue’s posts are always ultra-short. Shorter than mine or yours.

        • fangzhao says:

          I never read my own posts, and your posts have pictures, so…

          Anyway, I’ll try and read his posts. I can’t help but think that they’re blocks of text, though. Needs more pictures.

      • Scamp says:

        Ogiue Maniax is more a brick of text than a block of text. Remember, this is coming from a guy who normally doesn’t really like these type of blogs. Mono no Aware and Cruel Angel Thesis are two examples of blogs I hated because of their academic writing style that just wasn’t the slightest bit fun or interesting to read. It feels like I’m reading one of those academic journals where the writers are only showing off to other writers. They write with no audience in mind. Can’t say I’m a fan of Ha Neul Seom either, although I must admit he’s nowhere near as bad

        • fangzhao says:

          Cruel Angel Thesis is dead, so I’ve never had the unpleasant experience of reading it. However, I can sympathize with you on Mono no Aware. Martin can sometimes bore a rock to death.

          Ogiue Maniax seems to have the same thing going on (maybe it’s the layout)… except there’s no page break in his posts, no tag hiding millions of pages of “fine writing.”

  7. Canne says:

    Umm, For me, Kitsune’s thoughts comes to mind.
    I like mind-manner, peaceful and intellectual feeling from the writing. But I enjoy lots of other blogs too, though I sometimes find some posts better than the other.
    Oh, and I have no blog that I hate because I won’t be there long enough to hate it 😉

    • fangzhao says:

      Kitsune is a really nice guy. But I can’t say I like his blog. It’s filled with too little opinion and too much [opinion-less] meta and news posts. He also watches a lot of shows that I never watch, so I often find myself unable to read any of his posts.

  8. super rats says:

    Fuzekenna or whatever digitalboy’s blog is called. The guy is passionate.

    I really don’t have favorites though, since I just click whatever catches my eye on nano and then click on links in the comment section.

    • fangzhao says:

      Fuzakenna again! digitalboy certainly is popular.

      I used to browse through nano, but there are way too many shit blogs and 100% objective episodic blogs on there now.

  9. Ruby says:

    I have a lot of blogs that I really like, mainly ones that update a lot of Random C, Eye Sedso and finally anime, blogs that I like to read is The Cart Driver, Fuzakenna and some other ones that I can’t think off the top of my head right now, I’ll probably really like this one too ^.^ … Metanorn is awesome because they have cool banners and all the other cool stuff, lets see, I also like all the blogs on my blogroll. I don’t really have one favorite one because each blog is unique and different in their own way. And the most hated blog? well I wouldn’t visit a blog that I hate 🙂

  10. polymetrica says:

    My favourite blogs are Muri dayo ne~ (FR),, and Hunting the Elusive. I lean towards Hunting the Elusive as being my top favourite because I’ve been reading icie’s posts for the longest out of all of them, but the main reason for picking the three up there is because they talk mostly about either loot, illustrators, or both. My current favourite is actually Muri dayo ne~, though. (I think)

    I also consistently have a ball reading Baka-Raptor and Atarashii Prelude because they are plain fun.

    I can’t seem to think of any blogs I hate, though I’m sure quite a few exist…(`・ω・´)

    • fangzhao says:

      Now that’s rare… three blogs that I’ve never visited! I’ve heard of Hunting the Elusive, but never the other two.

      Looking at those three blogs, I can’t help but think that it’s the art obsession that you share in common with them. I never even considered that to be a factor…

      Baka-Raptor is great, but I think Atarashii Prelude is… not that good (even though Shin’s blog is on my blogroll). There’s too much copypasta and WAY too much internet lingo. It’s like taking threads from /a/ and putting them on a blo- oh wait

  11. Kairu says:

    Well my personal favorite blog would be Baka-Raptor‘s. 1. I love dinosaurs. 2. I love his humor and 3. He updates his blog very slow. Just like me.

    Atarashii Prelude is also good. He goes to /a/ that’s why.

    I also love Low on Hit Points. Because I can relate to his posts in some way.

    Grand Punk Railroad used to be my favorite. But I think his blog is not active anymore..

    Lastly, this blog, Mikotoism. When I read your posts, I somehow think we have some similarity on how we talk. I like it.

    • Oh, that’s another of my least favorites: Grand Punk Railroad. I don’t know why, but Omysith and I seem to fundamentally disagree on everything.

    • fangzhao says:

      Baka-Raptor’s blog is really damn funny at times, but completely un-funny at others. It’s hit-or-miss for me (maybe that’s a benefit? I don’t know).

      Shin goes to /a/ way too much.

      Michael is great. I love his posts, and read all of them. It’s as though he knows what we’re thinking, and posts stuff that we can relate to.

      Contrary to digitalboy’s opinions, I actually think omisyth is (was?) a good blogger. Well, an entertaining one, at least. I liked his posts, but I also agreed with them, so…

  12. glothelegend says:

    I’ll use this space to say that my top 5 (in no order) are:

    I’m sick of copying and pasting, and way to lazy to hyperlink (or whatever it’s called), so I’m just gonna start naming shit:

    Scott’s Tip of the Day is funny.
    Shit Storm
    Mikotoism (I’m not just sucking up, I generally check this blog before others)
    A Product of Wasted Time
    Finally Anime
    Low on Hit Points
    Listless Ink

    And the list goes on…..

    I’m subscribed to a shitload of sites, and like pretty much all of them

    I don’t go to sites I hate, I remember there was one blog that I thought sucked, but then I made a post about how much the blog sucked, and it hasn’t been updated since.

    EDIT: Okay I completely missed the point here. Let me be direct:

    Favorite: Baka-Raptor (one of the first anime blogs I’ve ever seen, that I found once by accident after looking for Maddox’s site)

    Least Favorite: This piece of shit:

    Judging by the picture on the kid’s “about” the child must have been in preschool, but that doesn’t stop him from having a shitty blog.

    • fangzhao says:

      Wow, that “learn anime” site sounds so stupid. Oh my god.

      Glad to hear you like my blog. I also have a couple of blogs I check first (but it’s usually because of the location of their bookmarks on my bookmark bar…).

      Baka-Raptor is pretty popular, I guess. Though I think Maddox is better. It’s harder for an anime blog to relate to its audience than it is for a blog like Maddox’s.

      P.S.: I deleted your second comment, if that’s fine. I think your links marked this comment as spam.

  13. lelangir says:

    surprised no one listed jp. you youngins.

  14. fangzhao says:

    Here are my own choices:

    Favorite blog: Epic Win

    I can’t get enough of this blog. Even though it’s been a month since 0rion/Guff’s last post, and even though they post, on average, once a decade, their writing style is just too entertaining. Their award/commentary for “Best Densuke” was hilarious.

    When I met (or rather, saw) 0rion at Anime Expo 2009, I stared at him in awe. Here was God in human form! It’s a wonder that I didn’t burn up in his presence…


    Worst blog: I have no idea because there are a lot of bad blogs out there. I guess I’ll just talk about the worst few…

    Since I honestly don’t give a shit about my position in the aniblogosphere, I can rant as much as I want about other blogs without fear of… wait, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Also, there are some blogs that I find bad whose authors I don’t want to offend (but probably will – retort as you see fit, but please don’t make a scene). You guys are great people, but your blogs aren’t. Great, that is. Blogs aren’t people.

    Also, I’m not listing any blogs like “learn anime” or Meimi’s blog for a reason. They’re generally regarded as shit anyway, so there’s no point in bashing them. Instead, I’m going after blogs that others would compliment because I don’t think they deserve those compliments.

    Kurogane’s Anime Blog
    Why is it so popular? Every post is just one or two pictures with one or two very not funny sentences. I have never laughed at anything Kurogane has said.

    Random Curiosity
    This blog just sucks.

    Drastic My Anime Blog
    Never blogs about stuff I watch. Or anybody else watches. TheBigN, it’s like you watch shows that have never before been seen by humans.

    Shit Storm
    A lot of the stuff Kairu blogs about is overly boring. The past three posts (Anime studios, Defining good anime, and something about shows having stuff in common) were so uninteresting that I didn’t finish them. I like some of the posts, but many of them are truly snore-inducing.

    The Deathseeker
    Panther, I really admire you, but I hate episodic posts with a passion (I hate my Sora no Woto episode 2 post as well). The episodics aren’t anything extraordinary (mostly because they’re just too long!). Maybe it’s the picture smorgasbord in some of your posts, or maybe it’s the irritating blog design/layout that turns me off, or maybe I just don’t like reading so much, but I don’t like your episodics.

    Episodics need to be extraordinary to be interesting (since there’s so damn many of them), and yours aren’t. Though that said, I like your comments and [nowadays] rare non-episodics a lot.

    Fallen Aizen
    There is nothing that annoys me more than a rating system out of 100 (or in this case, out of 10.0). It’s hard enough differentiating between a 7/10 and a 8/10. 7.1 and 7.3? What’s the difference? Plus every rating seems crazily inflated. I haven’t seen a single thing go below 5.0/10.0 (“average”).

    Besides that, I like your terse, enthusiastic commentary.

    Dannychoo and Sankaku Complex

    News blogs like Alafista
    …are completely useless. Except for Canned Dogs and a few other websites. Go away and let ANN take care of news reporting, because they have a lot more readers than you.


    There are a bunch of other blogs I could criticize (some of which are much worse than the ones I’ve listed), but I don’t want to type any more.

    I think some of these blogs are never (or rarely) criticized because people are afraid to criticize them and get alienated from the aniblogosphere (or at least from the blogs’ authors). I, for one, don’t see that happening. I like the authors. I hate their blogs (or some aspects of them). If they hate me for hating their blog, then I don’t think we should have been acquainted with each other to begin with. (Honestly, no offense.)

    tl;dr Epic Win really is Epic Win and some of the blogs on my blogroll are there because I like their authors, not them. Please don’t kill me.

    P.S.: I wonder why I wrote directly to Panther. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to offend him the most? I dunno. Too lazy to go back and change it now.

    P.P.S.: I wonder why nobody criticized my blog. It sucks. I think it sucks. And that’s no joke. And I have high self-esteem. That’s no joke either. I just write about whatever I want to, and call it a post. Maybe people like this? Heck if I know.

    • You don’t like the Big N? How is that possible?

      Also, contrary to your statement, TBN always posts on shows I love. In fact, he usually posts on really well-known show. You just need to watch more anime.

      • fangzhao says:

        Hey, hey, I like TheBigN. I don’t like DmAB.

        Maybe I really don’t watch enough anime. Or the right kind of anime.

        That said, though, I forgot to mention that he posts too much stuff on MADs. It’s interesting, but… not enough.

    • Kairu says:

      “A lot of the stuff Kairu blogs about is overly boring.”

      Well, it’s just like, you’re opinion, man.

    • Ruby says:

      What? your blog does not suck! it’s so fun, enjoyable and easy to read, everything you write is so simple minded, its not like one of those long essays post where the author uses big complicated words or anything. I really admire how you just write what you think, and the way you criticized those blogs were hilarious xD

    • Congrats on having bigger balls than the rest of us, fangzhao. That comment was the best about-the-blogosphere read I’ve had in a while. Kind of like a little bit of the OEG everyone out there really wanted.

      • fangzhao says:

        That’s what I had in mind! 🙂

        I think some bloggers just don’t want to criticize their friends. This happens a lot in the Dannychoo groupie blog circles. I have seen so many potsst lyk diss!!!1lolssss that go unflamed/uncriticized yet receive twenty to thirty comments, and I just wonder “WHY?”

        P.S.: I know you closed the comments on your last post for a reason, but I just can’t help it: it looks like Low on Hit Points has finally been dealt the last blow, and it was a magnificent run. If I had listed three runners-up to Epic Win, your blog would’ve been up there for sure (and not posthumous either… really!).

    • glothelegend says:

      Random Curiosity and Kurgane’s Blog do suck. I tried to like them for a while but no, I couldn’t. Danny Choo has always sucked, and I don’t get why people are so eager to comment on a post that features nothing more than a bowl of ramen.

      • fangzhao says:

        Baka-Raptor is creepily honest in that one aspect. His comments are called “___ people love sucking up to me,” and for bigger blogs, that’s absolutely true. Unless, of course, you’re a ramen otaku.

  15. schneider says:

    One blog I really like is 2-D Teleidoscope. 2DT writes flavored, unique posts that make you go “whoa, that’s interesting!” I’ve seen a few shows sorely on the strength of his posts on them alone.

    Plus, he’s like the nicest guy on the sphere.

  16. Taka says:

    I don’t think I could even begin to name my sole favorite since I like so many and frequent so many.

    Since I like to see other peoples takes on episodes that air on a critical level I tend to be partial to episodic blogs:

    1. – always timely with posts and shares many of my tastes.
    2. – a new addition; I enjoy his ability to weave his impressions in with the summary of the episode.
    (Love/Hate) – mostly read him because of Totali. Hates on shows I like 🙁

    Then the comedy blogs are my next favorite:
    1. – Shin=king of lulz
    2. – he has a “very interesting” readership and spawns more memes than I care to count.
    (Love/Hate) – I like him when he is more satirical and self-referential and less when he is pseudo-intellectual…or maybe I just miss the joke sometimes.

    Lastly there are the psuedo-intellectual blogs I do like both of which I have a love/hate relationship with – I just have such a hard time telling when he is being serious. – zomg grow up already digitalboy

    Lastly shoutouts to music blogs: and

    And old awesome blogs that fit under several of the first 3 categories:

    P.S. you would’ve made this list if you’d kept making fun of bad shows.

    • fangzhao says:

      I’d take Star Crossed over RandomC any day. psgels makes it really clear if he likes or dislikes an episode/series through his rating system, doesn’t fall into the image overload trap, and manages to write in an interesting style. Though I can’t say I like his (her? Not sure.) taste in anime…

      RP is a great blogger, IMO. Well, he would be, if he didn’t have so many pictures in his episodics and if he wrote consistently short/medium-length posts (some of his episodics are just too long!).

      Tenka Seiha… No. I don’t like that


      Atarashii Prelude has not made me laugh.

      Neither has Blog Suki on my Mind. I hate that blog. The posts are too long. (Maybe they just LOOK long…?) Really great layout, though.

      Baka-Raptor… I’d agree with you. It’s hit-or-miss. He blogs about whatever he likes, and that’s often not what I’m into.


      Omonomono… Too much words. Some of his posts are interesting, but others I could care less about.

      Fuzakenna again! God, why am I not this popular?


      Music blogs are interesting to a certain extent. I often visit zzeroparticle’s blog, but I never find myself able to comment or relate to his posts. Maybe I just need to listen to more anime music.


      Making fun of bad shows only got me so far. Then I started crying blood. Some shows are truly terrible, so bad that they’re not worth talking about. Or rather, I can’t mention them. I don’t want to remembe- OH GOD


      P.S.: I don’t want to delete your second comment because I’m on there. 😀

  17. 2DT says:

    I feel so vain, chipping in with my opinion right under a comment that sings praises of me… Not that I’d want them to retract it, mind. 😉

    It’s difficult to pick a “favorite,” because even the most thoughtful, witty blogs that I love to visit multiple times a day will sometimes have posts about things I haven’t seen, or subjects I can’t relate to. Or sometimes– and this is really the worst– it’s perfectly good, fun reading, but for some blessed reason I just can’t find a way to comment. This happens a lot with Animekritik’s stuff.

    I like Digiboy, though, and Ghostlightning, and I like Saturnity even though he’s gone. I also increasingly like you. Why? Hard to say. There’s just a certain earnestness, a je-ne-sais-quoi genuine quality to you guys in particular that keeps me coming back. I appreciate people on the Internet who manage to keep it real.

    • fangzhao says:

      There’s no vanity to it if it’s true! (not sucking up here, honest!)

      Also, thanks. I think that “genuine” quality is also what attracts me to other blogs. Though I can’t get into blogs like We Remember Love because that “genuine” quality is shoulder-to-shoulder with a bunch of retro mecha… and I don’t watch retro mecha! D:

  18. Taka says:

    my comment got eated cause it was tl;dr.

    So to summarize. I have a love/hate relationship with Baka-Raptor, Digitalboy, and Omo.

    J1mone rocks and uhhh jphinano, blogsuki, Shin, Psgels, rabbitpoets, Kabitzin and…oh what the hell fangzhao. (though he needs to make fun of bad anime more)

  19. ETERNAL says:

    Ogiue Maniax
    Mono no Aware
    Mistakes of Youth blog
    Cruel Angel Theses archives

    I owe a lot of my current blogging style and experience to them. They’re either well-written or well-informed, and usually both.

    (Bonus: Mega Megane Moe archives for a unique sense of humour, and JP Meyer’s archives if I can find them)

    I don’t hate any blogs in specific, but I never read most episodic blogs and generic “miscellaneous” blogs. Most of the less-established non-episodic bloggers just go on and on about opinions and meta that is neither new nor interesting (the ones that do a better job eventually become established).

    • fangzhao says:

      You’ve listed five [somewhat] well-known blogs that I rarely visit – what a feat!

      As for me, I could care less about well-written or well-informed. Those five blogs (except, arguably, Ogiue Maniax) are block-of-text blogs whose posts I just can’t seem to get through.

      For some reason, though, I can read yours just fine, despite the length/topics of your posts.

      Most of the less-established non-episodic bloggers just go on and on about opinions and meta that is neither new nor interesting (the ones that do a better job eventually become established).

      That sounds eerily like me…
      I hope I’ll get established! (or am I, already?)

  20. DS says:

    I enjoy anime blogs that feature dangos from time to time.

  21. Gargron says:

    Lately I haven’t been reading many blogs, but I’d say these are my current favourites:

    Sea Slugs
    and Paper Flower

    For all of the above, it applies only when those bloggers post, post about the series I watch or have watched.

    I would also include Fuzakenna there, and We Remember Love and all the other blogs from my ‘we read’ widget, but I just don’t read them enough, as said, lately.

    • mefloraine says:

      Why am I in this list with all these good blogs? orz;;

    • fangzhao says:

      Why am I in this list with all these good blogs? orz;;

      I often change favorites (and readers, for that matter), but Epic Win has stood the test of time. I really, reallllllly like that blog.

      notdotq…. I don’t get it. I can’t understand the humor in any of loli___’s posts. Is it because I’m too new to the ‘sphere? Is it because I have a brain? Bah.

  22. phossil says:

    I have two favorite blogs. One is Hop Step Jump (but now its on hiatus) and the second is Kurogane anime blog.
    I started reading those blogs and they inspired me to start my own blog in the cloud. I still read them, from time to time and thanks to them I have another good blogger friends like Gordonator, and some other cool blogs.

    • fangzhao says:

      Hop Step Jump died out before I popped up, so I never got the chance to read it (and I’m too lazy to go through its archives).

      As for your other picks… I really don’t like them, no offense. and Gordonator never fail to un-impress me. They rarely talk about anime/manga, and when they do, it’s never stuff that I like or watch.

      Kurogane… I don’t like his blog. He makes bare-bones commentary and has a huge audience waiting for these few sentences. Maybe I’m just jealous?

  23. RP says:

    Wow, this post/thread blew up! Last time I stopped by there was 9 comments. It’s gonna take me a couple days just to catch up to the comments.

    I really liked totali and subculture back when it was around. It was probably the first anime blog I ever stumbled onto (also bonus points for covering Seto no Hanayome).

    Episodics are really based on the show that’s airing, but Kabitzin and co. are definitely one of my faves. I think Shinmaru does a real nice job with his posts – summary free, I like that. I also enjoyed reading Scamp, although now that he has his own domain name, I swear I’m not seeing any of his posts in google reader. I actually do like Kurogane too, because somehow he always seems to be on the same page as I am.

    Non-episodic blogs. Like other’s have mentioned, digiboy’s really stepped it up lately. It was getting a little dodgy before when he made the switch to self-hosted and was just posting vocaloid videos, but his stuff lately has been great. Despite my predilection for episodics, oddly, I much prefer any post where he’s not talking about a specific episode.

    Otherwise, would it be sucking up if I mentioned mikotoism? I swear, it’s not meant to be. :-p It’s just so easy to read. Plus, I like a slight balance of troll in my diet. Baka-raptor posts I don’t miss. And Shin’s stuff is usually pretty hilarious (I still think about the kobato post time to time), although you couldn’t force me to finish reading that last post about the trap, even if you had to stick my head underwater a hundred times.

    My list of blogs I like is way longer than my non-existent list of dislikes. Since I don’t follow the dislikes (ignorance is bliss). But basically, anything on the short, funny side I’ll read. Anything longer and more “academic” results in me choosing to read it later… which eventually turns into never read at all. Yeesh, which I’m loathe to admit since I know how much effort goes into those longer posts. 🙁

    • RP says:

      Good lord, my comment was unintentionally TL:DR. How ironic.

    • fangzhao says:

      Oh God, those vocaloid videos… !

      I had Fuzakenna on my “Shitty, yet needs to be known, blog list” (on my bookmarks bar) for a while when he was doing that – and yes, I was stalking him all the way back in ’08.

      Shin’s stuff is sometimes good (usually when he’s playing with photoshop and making up twisted stories), but I find all of his posts… not funny.

      “Academic” blogs are a huge turn-off for me. If I wanted to read that, I’d… actually, I can’t even imagine myself wanting to read that.

      P.S.: It’s really hard to respond to somebody singing praises of your own blog, so I’m just going to say “thanks.” Well, I would’ve, if I didn’t decide to write this disclaimer and why am I still writi

  24. kluxorious says:

    found this blog when I checked my analytic statistic wut!

    Interesting topic and since most of my fav bloggers are here, let me have a say too.

    Eye Sedso (Glo’s ISSS)
    Taikutsu Remedy (Snark)

    OEG is probably in my top five as is Baka-Raptor and Nanee?!!

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