My Top 100 Characters… wait, make that 30: 26 – 30

Usually, people would put up an ambiguous picture as their header for this sort of list post.  But hey, I’m not usual, and you already know who #1 is going to be.

This was a totally original idea.  I did not take this idea from any other blog.

30. Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent (Baccano!)

It looks like I’m cheating from the get-go, but oh well.  It’s hard to talk about one of these two without mentioning the other.  Everything about them – from their actions to their synchronized speech – exudes the same energy that you won’t find anywhere else.

There really isn’t a couple as eccentric as this pair.  In essence, Baccano starts and ends with these two.  They keep the light-hearted plot light-hearted, which, given the plot (immortal mafia members killing people in gruesome fashion), is one huge accomplishment. We see them in every other scene as some well placed and honestly funny comic relief.  Let me say that again: “honestly funny comic relief.”  In fact, these two are probably my favorite comic relief characters ever.  There are losers who try their hand at comic relief and fail hard, and then there’s Isaac and Miria.


29. Leopard (Sora Kake Girl)

Lelouchbot, Leopard, Bakapard, or whatever you call him, is a work of art.  I would go so far as to say that I probably wouldn’t’ve watched Soaring Cake Girl had it not been for Leopard.

Everything about him – from his appearance to his childish, stubborn personality – is a complete 180 from the Jun Fukuperouge that we know.  Lelouch is a genius.  Leopard is a Bakapard obsessed with retrieving his balls.  Lelouch became emperor.  Leopard is a king who rules over nothing.  Lelouch sacrifices for the good of humanity.  Leopard… well, he’s just stupid.  But hey, he’s lovable.

Thanks to him, I still don’t know how much of Sora Kake Girl was parody and how much was intended to be taken seriously.  He broke everybody’s image of Lelouch, and well, everybody (myself included) loved it.


28. Osaka (Azumanga Daioh)

Azumanga Daioh was my first slice-of-life comedy, and I loved it, even if it felt very slow at times.  In retrospect, through, the reason I watched that show was because of Osaka.

I recently bought the four volumes of Azumanga Daioh, and I was really surprised at how much appeal Osaka had for me.  Every joke without Osaka in it is four panels wasted.  It’s almost as if Osaka makes the jokes, and the rest of the characters are just… there.  In any case, Osaka has been for me one of the greatest figures of comedy.  Who could forget this, anyway?


27. Aiko Andou (true tears)

Everybody likes Noe.  That’s a given.  Some people like Hiromi.  That’s fine.  Who the hell would like Aiko?  Well, I do.

Maybe it’s the underdog view I have of her.  She’s that third female character who we all know is never going to get together with the main character.  Heck, she gets flat-out rejected halfway through the show and has to go reconcile with the guy she rejects.  You’ve got to feel at least a bit sorry for her, huh?

26. Ayu Tsukimiya (Kanon)


I hate moe used badly.  Honestly, I do.  Yui was a failure moeblob.  Her moe was not moe.  Ayu, on the other hand, is a winner moeblob.  Her moe is so moe that I liked her moe.  Moe is moe moe can moe moe moe, but moe moe?  Moe moe moe able to moe moe so moe.

20 Comments on “My Top 100 Characters… wait, make that 30: 26 – 30”

  1. fangzhao says:

    By the way, anything below #10 isn’t really in the right position. I mean, does it really make a difference if Ayu is #26 or #21? Not really.

    Oh, and I’m doing 30 characters instead of 100 because the problem mentioned above just gets bigger. #89 and #35 are basically the same to me.

    I am leaving these notes in a comment in an effort to make it look like my blog is really popular.

  2. animekritik says:

    It just dawned on me that the mikoto in mikotoism is the girl from railgun. other than that, i haven’t seen any of the shows with the characters you’ve mentioned so far. i won’t hold that against you, though. i’ll wait to see what you have in the next 25..

  3. Avery says:

    If Isaac and Miria are 30th place. Ladd better be up there too.

  4. EWWW-GEWWW YOU LIKE AIKO!?!? I like this aiko better, (oh, and this one too =3)

    Issac and Miria (SUUUGOOOIII!!!) are good choices. I don’t think I would be able to separate them either.

    Oh? (or should I say: “Ah!” *BA DUM PSH*), you have Azumanga manga! I have the complete omnibus edition (whatever that means). I like big “books” and I cannot lie! *CRICKET* Yea =1 =5 =9

  5. mefloraine says:

    It wouldn’t be easier to simply list the top ten if all the others are the same to you?
    Had a laugh at your comment and first paragraph though, so skipping to just the top ten might have been bad [for my viewing experience] after all.

  6. glothelegend says:


    I’ve always said that I wanted to see her cameo in other shows. And by “always said” I mean I once mentioned it briefly.

  7. Ai88 says:

    Aiko is one of the most flawed /third harem girl in any show .She’s the Sekai of the show ,the messed up/tragic girl .Aiko maybe had the most brutal rejection ever seen in any anime before and yet people don’t feel sorry for her ,she’s doesn’t have much fans ,It’s 100% Noe% ,89 Hiromi% , 10% Aiko ,why does no one likes Aiko btw ? Ai is one of the darkest characters in true tears and the the third villian next to mama and Jun .She had messed up way too much ,more than Hiromi I wouid say .It was the writer intention to make her so messed up just so they can screw her like that and let Hiromi and Noe be winners .They wanted her to be a failure ,Her fate was even more tragic than both Hiromi and Noe .I’ve seen many rejections in anime where the guy tells the girl that he’s sorry /hugs her but Ai’s rejection was something else ,it was very harsh(even Keade from Shuffle had a better rejection) .She was used as a symbolic/ messed up character to give this show a moral lesson and realism.Maybe that rejection was a punishment for Ai because of her many sins (lying to both guys ,cheating ,backfiring and assaulting Shin)Her actions were very wrong indeed but that’s why I like her cuz she was very twisted and flawed ,Those Noe fans who hate Hiromi usually put Ai as a second and the same goes for those Noe fans who hate Hiromi but put Ai as a second ,She’s always second .I was happy when she made the choice to go back to Nobuse ,not because she wanted to settle but it was because she truly wanted to start over with him instead of chasing after Shin and destroying herself like she was .Nobuse didn’t lose anything and he gained lots of love from the fans but she lost so much and was written harshly by the writers but I found her to be very deep ..

    love your list btw ^ ^

  8. Ai88 says:

    That’s a nice list btw ..

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