My Top 100 Characters… wait, make that 30: 21 – 25

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Also, yes – I totally forgot about this series of posts I was supposed to be doing, even though it’s been on the front page of this blog for a while.  Heck, I don’t check this blog much anyway.

25. Koyuki (Beck)

Koyuki is the most wimpy-looking hero of a sports anime that I’ve ever seen.  He looks like a pushover in episode one, and he still looks like a pushover in episode 26.  But there’s no denying how incredibly awesome he becomes.  He starts out small, matures, and becomes one hell of a star.

Why Koyuki?  He is the most believable sports character out there (even if suddenly rising to the top isn’t very believable).  Sena Kobayakawa?  He undergoes such rapid development that it’s hard to believe he was ever a gofer.  Akagi?  Uh.  In any case, Koyuki actually sucks in the beginning.  He sucks a lot at guitar.  He is no Yui, who miraculously learns how to play in two minutes.

Hard work definitely pays off, and we see it in Koyuki.

24. Madao (Gintama)

Taizo Hasegawa is the ultimate loser.  In an anime where episodes often end with a reflection on life, the one man who tries to chase his dreams and follow his own morals ends up the loser.

Madao does everything right, follows all of the morals that Gintoki talks about, yet still ends up accomplishing nothing.  He is in a perpetual midlife crisis, spurred by numerous incidents that he is dragged into for little to no reason at all.

Apparently, some good people never come out on top… but it’s damn funny anyway.  Hats off to you, king of losers.

23. Masa (Seto no Hanayome)

Seto no Hanayome ranks up there on my list as one of the best comedies ever (I gave it a ten out of ten), but it wasn’t any one character that made the series spring to life (in comparison, Kannagi’s Nagi made up 99% of the series) – rather, it was the entire cast of eccentric characters, combined with one hell of a storyline that made the series so great.  And who better to represent this series than Masa, the subject of the best running gag I’ve ever seen?

I know I’m not being fair here, but in my opinion, Seto no Hanayome has to go on this list somewhere.


22. L (Death Note)

L is a last-minute addition to this list.  I just finished Death Note a few days ago, and despite how much of a disappointment the second half was, I loved the show.

But going back to the disappointing second half idea… there was (SPOILER ALERT LOLS) no L.  L is what made the show exciting to watch.  Near and Mello are stupid names for stupid characters whose stupidity can never match the coolness and non-stupidity of the great L.

21. Rena Ryuuguu (Higurashi)

Rena is horror.  The first arc of Higurashi burned that impression into my brain, for better or for worse, and I’m creeped out whenever I see a picture of her.

Hell, I’m creeped out right now.  I feel like that picture just wants to take me home and slash me into a million pieces.

And there goes my attention span.  I can’t think of anything else to write, so I’ll just leave it at this.  16 – 20 post due sometime next year, most likely.

6 Comments on “My Top 100 Characters… wait, make that 30: 21 – 25”

  1. glothelegend says:

    Rena – Yup, she’s my favorite character from that show actually.

  2. Yumeka says:

    I recently made a list of my top 100 characters too (seems like a lot of favorites lists have been popping up lately).

    I think Rena’s my favorite Higurashi character too, and Masa’s cool (and I agree that Nagi is mostly what made Kannagi so good). L is a good character though I think he’s a little overrated (he’s held 2nd place for favorite character on for a long time).

  3. phossil says:

    I suppose L because he plays as the smart guy~~

  4. Canne says:

    Rena, definitely. I love pretty girls with blades and no mercy.

  5. fangzhao says:

    Maybe I should put Rena higher. I’ve realized even more how damn awesome she is after posting this.

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