200th post

Warning: stream of consciousness post ahead

I’ve been thinking up topics for this landmark post for a while, and since I couldn’t think up anything beyond putting up this example of an awesome scan, I went to read more Bleach.  Also, it was Thanksgiving and I had nothing to do a great time with my bestest friends eating Chinese food (really, what Asian eats turkey on Thanksgiving?  The closest I’ve had to turkey was chicken at an Asian buffet three years ago).

So because I couldn’t think of anything to post and my blog was getting dangerously close to hiatus-status (one week off?!), I’ve decided to fill this post up with all the random shit I’ve been thinking over the past week.  Yes, this flat-out contradicts whatever constructive criticism I received in the last post.  Sorry, my mind just drew a blank when it came to “actual content.”  I’ve gotta work on that.

1. Solanin is a masterpiece.

Last week, I said to Michael (of Low on Hit Points) that I had nothing to obsess over.  Boy, was I wrong.  Solanin finally came (along with five other manga) from Amazon a few days ago, and I was blown away.  I ordered the manga after reading a single chapter of it online, and it was even better in book form.

I liked Solanin’s story and light humor (well, the first chapter’s, at least) when I read it online, but when I got it in my hands, I realized how impressive the art was.  I also realized how annoying half-hard cover books are.  Solanin’s cover has that annoying flap that usually goes over hardcover books… except that it’s connected to the cover.  And when I read it, I have to watch how hard I bend the book, or the cover gets messed up.  Bah.

That aside, Solanin has gotten me into Inio Asano’s other works.  “Nijigahara Holograph” and “Before the Dawn and The End of the World” aren’t as good as Solanin, but I wouldn’t mind spending $12.33 for each of them.  The only other Asano work to be published in English is “What a Wonderful World,” and I’m planning on getting that already.  I can’t wait!  Maybe this blog will have to become Whatawonderfulworldism or something…

2. Bleach sucks

Well, maybe not “sucks,” but it sure isn’t anything outstanding.  I found out that I’m reading Bleach mostly for Rukia.  She is very cute.  Ichigo is not very cute.  He is very weaksauce.  He is so weaksauce that he needs random “miraculous” power upgrades to get him through every single battle.  I don’t understand where these miracles keep coming from.

The sense of pride in this manga is ridiculous.  Apparently, everybody in the manga is a dumbass who would rather die than win.

And speaking of winning, how does Aizen expect to win?  Wasn’t he only a captain-class?  How come he and two other captains can stand up to everybody else?  What a stupid manga.

3. Bad anime and manga

Today, I came across a review (above) for a manga called “I Love My Sister’s Boyfriend.”  I thought, “hey, there’s no way that a manga could be that bad.”  But Jesus Christ, it was worse than a 1.  The review I’d read was overrating it.  This must be what they use to torture people.

But at least it hits rock bottom.  At that point, there’s nowhere to go but up, and this manga rebounds on the “so bad that it’s kind of funny” scale.

Then there’s those anime and manga that aren’t interesting, and just stay at rock bottom.  If “I Love My Sister’s Boyfriend” were a tennis ball, then things like “KARA NO KYOUKAI 1” would be rocks.  They don’t bounce back up because they’re terrible, but not so bad that they’re funny.

Really, a 1 – 10 scale isn’t enough for judging bad anime.  I know that Kara no Kyoukai 1 was definitely better than Mars of Destruction, but I enjoyed Mars of Destruction a lot more than Kara no Kyoukai 1 simply because of that rebound.  So how should I rate them?  By enjoyment or by how they should be?  Either way, I know I’m wrong.  😐

On another note, Eiken was both funnily bad and disgusting.  I’d give it a -10/10.

4. My opinions on currently airing anime

Instead of making lots of small posts, I’ve decided to mash up the few anime that I am following into this one post.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – Now that there’s some semblance of a plot, it’s getting a lot more interesting.  I really hope to see more fight scenes and Mikoto (the recent episode didn’t have much Mikoto in it, so my screenshot count went way down).

Darker than BLACK S2 – I like it, but I don’t know why.  The first season was more interesting, but maybe it’s the arc-less plot structure this season presents that interests me.  I don’t understand why Tanya’s cockroach-things suddenly get off of Suou when Suou goes magical girl in episode eight.  How does having a huge gun repel insects?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Got boring.  The shift from crazy action omg homunculus arc to “Let’s go North!” was so sudden and so drastic that it cut off the flow of the series.  Of course, that flashback episode and the summary episode didn’t help at all.  On another note… after reading One Piece and Bleach, I was shocked at how easily Scar beat Kimbley (or rather, how easily Kimbley almost died).  Luffy could take a lot more than that!

Nyan Koi – My pick for best show of the season.  Ridiculous.  Funny.  Ridiculously funny.  How can you not laugh at this?  The subtle humor is strong in this one.

Since I have nothing else to say, I’ll just stuff a bunch of Nyan Koi pictures in this post to make it look even longer.

I’ve realized that I lack posts with content because I don’t have content to fill up posts with.  Maybe I’ll do some episodics…

18 Comments on “200th post”

  1. glothelegend says:

    Nyan Koi: Until I find something better, this show is the best of the season. Even better than InuYasha (my favorite show).

    The whole, couple years off and me completing the manga a while ago kind of kills any ambition to watch InuYasha right now.

    • fangzhao says:

      Haha. It’s hard to start up an old series like InuYasha unless you’ve been a hardcore fan for the past five years!

      (Looking at the despair of Haruhi fans after three years, five years is pretty hard…)

  2. TJ says:

    Congrats on making it to 200.

    I follow the Bleach manga, and indeed it isn’t very good. Sometimes it’s decent, sometimes it’s not. And yeah ALL the characters are big on talk… even when they get their behinds handed to them.

    FMA will get better as the action picks up again. hopefully the same will happen to Railgun.

    • fangzhao says:

      It’s really hard to come up with battle dialog, but I think Bleach makes it into overkill. Every battle has some moral or lesson attached to it, and it’s often ridiculous (Kill me! It’s better than living!).

      Railgun hasn’t had any action up until now (mostly S-O-L), but it’s a 24 episode series, so it’s okay. FMA, however, has no excuse…

  3. Canne says:

    Congrats! 200th posts already, that’s incredible!

    Nyan Koi- I’ve been saving it but haven’t started watching. Guess I’ll marathon it when it finishes.
    As a result, DTB remains my best show this season.

  4. Yi says:

    Congrats. 200 post is really quite impressive.

    Kimi ni Todoke is my pick of the season so far followed by Railgun. Maybe I should give Nyan Koi a chance.

  5. Shance says:

    You should also pick up the pace on Railgun manga. They’re starting the Sisters arc right after Level Upper, which shows that the timeline Railgun follows is parallel to Index’s.

  6. phossil says:

    Reposting Yi: Congrats. 200 post is really quite impressive.
    Lol. Feeling lazy enough to put a different comment. Anyway, is good to see your blogging good work 🙂

  7. Seinime says:

    I yawned at everything after Kanon. Bad time to pick to watch it.

  8. Hey, my blog got shutdown…..just catch me @ ganbatte’s. I’m trying to straighten everything out @ the moment

  9. Kairu says:

    200? Im just on my 177th post! And I reached a year or so! Dammit.

    P.S. This post just motivated me to write a blog post.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well uh, how come nobody’s talking about Kara no Kyoukai?

    From my point of view, most Manga/Anime are good in their own right.

    I’m not saying that it’s wrong to say that Kara no Kyoukai isn’t good, but rather, it’s good in it’s own way. (I don’t quite like it either.)


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