Just call this blog “-ism”

Don't worry, she'll be back by October.

So this is probably my first “blog news” post ever.

I’m bored of this already.  How can you people manage to write up uninteresting things like this?  I mean, I’m the blogger, and even I am uninterested in typing this up!

In any case, I’ll cut right to the chase.  This blog will henceforth be known as _____ism or          -ism, and every so often, I’ll change the name of the blog.  This gives me some leeway for 2-D infidelit- OH GOD, I’M SORRY, MIKOTO!  PLEASE DON’T DO TH-

15 Comments on “Just call this blog “-ism””

  1. Kitsune says:

    Oh, I see… So you swing that way 😛

    haha Your poll in the sidebar about blogging is somewhat masochistic 😛

  2. Tamad says:

    I knew I was the superior Misaka fan.

  3. Roy Mustang says:

    I think your blog has been named Eurekaism for way too long. It is time for CHANGE. It is time for INDEX. Index-ism NOW!

    • simplybill says:

      Index sucks. She’s only great at Index-tan.

      Should I name my post Hinagiku-ism? or Lamdadelta-ism? or Maria-ism (HnG not umineko)? or Bern-ism?

      • Roy Mustang says:

        Index forgives your sacrilege for she is a merciful and kind nun. She prays for all the poor souls who lack the ability to detect awesomeness. May God have mercy on your non-awesome souls. Amen.

  4. fangzhao says:


    I am still the greatest follower of Mikoto out there. But now I’m also the greatest follower of Eureka out there.

    And for all your confidence, your avatar is of… YUI. YOU LIAR. Any true believer in Mikotoism would dive at the chance to make her glorious visage their avatar, but your avatar is of some useless moeblob. Truly shameful.

    @Roy Mustang
    Index is to Mikoto as Maeter is to Eureka. There’s no competition.

    Hinagikuism. Though if you don’t take that and HnG turns awesome, don’t blame me if this blog suddenly shows a girl with a yellow hairband in her pink hair.


  5. Kairu says:

    By October you say?

  6. Seinime says:

    My bad naming skills show again: Senjougaharaism. Wait, no. Just no. Ew. Long.

  7. Shin says:

    Good grief, stick to one waifu, would you?

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