blogs of friends and people I’ve admired

Epic Win anime blog [0rion & others]

Mega Megane Moe [canon-chan, my senpai]

Paper Flower [mefloraine]

moe sucks [E Minor]

∑Xce7ion [7thwraith]

draggle’s blog [draggle]

Sea Slugs [Kabitzin & more]

Nandatte [Seinime]

Anime Viking [Marow]

The Cart Driver [Scamp]

maserbeam [maserbeam]

Desu ex Machina [kevo]

Shinde Iie [Inushinde]

ganbatte. [Seinime x2 wow]

O-New [Mushyrulez (& more)]

sufoki [Jesus159159159]

Rabbit Poets [RP]

Minimum Tempo [icystorm]

… and many more.

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  1. Max says:


    I am a Singapore blogger about Japanese Anime, Toys, Cosplay and Culture. I also write in Squidoo with a total of 129 Anime articles till date.

    Here, I would like to request for a link exchange with you. I prefer a Banner exchange if that is possible with you.

    ~ Keeping the Anime culture alive…

    Warmest regards

    Max Wong

    email :

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