Don’t visit Mikotoism until next week

I’m currently taking a summer class, and if I have any chance of not failing/asian failing it, then I’m going to have to work my ass off this week so I don’t leave anything for the weekend.  Obviously, I’m not going to do (or rather, be able to do*) anything unrelated to anime with my four-day ticket to AX, so I can’t just push my workload to Sunday like I usually do.

In other words, I’m on hiatus until next monday, when you’ll be hearing about my fun-filled adventures at Anime Expo.

In other news, my plans for my first anicon:

  • I’m arriving on Thursday at night, so I wasted some money buying a four-day ticket if you see a guy walking around in an awesome Naruto shirt on Thursday morning, that’s not me.
  • I currently have plans for only one event.
  • I currently have plans to buy three things: Anime Diet’s fanzine for the lulz, Yotsuba&! volume 2 if there even is one in the entire expo, and a non-shitty figure of Mikoto (non-existent).  Why is volume two so damn hard to find, and why is a non-shitty figure of Mikoto even more damn hard to find?
  • I will wear my Naruto shirt for at least one of the days.  Try and find me.
  • Uh… yeah.  That’s about it.  Obligatory anicon/loot post to come next week.

See you at AX.

My feelings for K-ON!

How I felt then.

How I feel now.

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K-ON! 13



Post with some effort put into it (aka final verdict on K-ON! with some actual thinking involved) to come tomorrow or the day after.

On how I rate anime

Obligatory random picture of Mikoto and/or imouto.

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Once in a blue moon metablogging thoughts

Recently, I've been running out of random pictures to serve as post headers. I guess I'd better hop on over to some imageboards and scrounge up a few more.

Because I don’t often metablog, yet often have random metablogging thoughts floating around in my mind as I wander throughout the aniblogosphere, I’ve decided to collect up all of these broken threads and mash them together into one post.

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