Bleach 390: When you can’t beat ’em, give up

Tite Kubo: Uh oh, I think I made Aizen overpowered.

Editor: No shit, dumbass.

Tite Kubo: Oh whatever, I guess I’ll just overpower him more.

Editor: Fuck this job.

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The anime that I should have dropped forever: 1-5

There is a such thing as dropping an anime forever. When I use the term ‘dropped,’ that means that’s the last I’ll see of that anime in my life. Dropping a show means the show in question has sapped any last traces of enthusiasm from my body, and keeps on sucking more enthusiasm even after I’ve dropped it. Even if I’m stuck on a deserted island with nothing other than a portable dvd player and a ‘Lucky Star’ box set, all I’ll ever be able to think of is how bad that dropped anime was. With this in mind, combined with the fact that I’m only 1 shitty series away from going insane, according to my psychologist, I’ve decided that I’m going to let out some stress, tell you about all the anime that I stupidly decided to keep on watching, even if it killed me, and advise that you not make the same mistakes.

Inspired by and half-trolling Scamp’s post at The Cart Driver.

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100,000 hits

I really don’t know what to say.  I could make this a boring, generic “milestone post” or I could put lots of pictures and crap into it in an attempt to make it a little less boring.

Either way, it sounds really, really boring.

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Your favorite anime blog

Answer me this (via comments, blog post, twitter, whatever):

What is your favorite anime blog, and why?

and/or What is your most-hated anime blog, and why? (I’d advise you go easy on this one, though.  It may have repercussions – unless, of course, you talk about Mikotoism.  That blog sucks balls.)

@anime bloggers, please don’t say your own blog.

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Sora no Woto 02: It’s still got it, but can it keep this pace for long?

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