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surprise! misaki was me all along!!

Today, I imported two years’ worth of blogs to make this site (finally) my ultimate blogging collection of blogs. I found my exported xml files for Mikotoism/??? (2009-2010) and Some Aniblog (2011) but unfortunately none of the media/pictures came along for the ride. Good thing, too. Most of the pictures were shit anyway. My posts were shit.

But now, they’re nostalgic shit! I deleted most of my anime pictures but I never could get rid of the more important ones. So by manually searching picture file names and uploading every one, I’ve resurrected the greatest blog post I’ve ever written: The Greatest Anime of All Time 13, aka New Top Moment in Anime 2009.

Anime Expo 2014

I didn’t go. Instead, I went to Japan.

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Flomu the Origination


What does flomu mean?  Why flomu?  I hate flomu!!

I get this a lot, and I usually respond with “flomu is the big brother of Shamu, birthed during a game of Brawl where I needed a moniker.”  And while this is the truth, it isn’t the truth.  Truth be told, “flomu” has a truly terrifying etymology.  There are many truths in this world that should never be truthed, and this is truly one of the aforementioned truths.
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On math

Please excuse this non-anime article.

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Anime Expo 2012

one month’s pay

I just now realized that my pictures are SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION and thus better and cooler than anything else other people would post.  And I realized long, long ago that a torrent of boring AX posts would come out in the days following the convention.  That’s why I tried liveblogging in 2009, not blogging in 2010, and I forgot what I did for last year.  But the point is: Everybody’s doing their “AX was so cool” gig and making the likes of Seinime and J159 all jealous.  So it’s not really hip.  I want to do something unique, something shocking, something totally extraordinary.

But whatever, here’s a regular post.

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