On math

Please excuse this non-anime article.

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Nichijou Episode 0 (OVA)

The Nichijou OVA aired way back in early 2011, a full three weeks before the greatest anime of all time graced television screens everywhere in Japan.  But back in those dark times, the foolish creatures of the Earth hadn’t yet felt the embracing warmth of the great Nichijou.  And thus, this OVA was panned by everyone.  Panned like the rivers of California back in the 1800s.  I went panning, too, and I ended up with no gold at the end of a long, harsh 20 minutes.

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Sankarea: What a Shame

The phrase “hit or miss” is often used to describe shows which appeal only to a very specific group of viewers.  In Sankarea’s case, a more appropriate term would be “hit and miss,” with just barely more hits than misses.

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Anime Expo 2012

one month’s pay

I just now realized that my pictures are SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION and thus better and cooler than anything else other people would post.  And I realized long, long ago that a torrent of boring AX posts would come out in the days following the convention.  That’s why I tried liveblogging in 2009, not blogging in 2010, and I forgot what I did for last year.  But the point is: Everybody’s doing their “AX was so cool” gig and making the likes of Seinime and J159 all jealous.  So it’s not really hip.  I want to do something unique, something shocking, something totally extraordinary.

But whatever, here’s a regular post.

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