RIP DEATH ex Machina, Barely Even Ballerina



As you may have heard, a prolific statistician hung his hat up yesterday (imgur link). He was one of the many people from the aniblog community who never followed my blog, and I’d always remembered him as that guy who does all that work to make tables in WordPress. Outgoing, hardworking, charming, and handsome, kevo was the best man for the APR job. He crunched those numbers day in and day out, with no regard for his own health or for his voters’ Nichijou preferences. He would have the APR post up every week, complete with quotes, reactions, and biased opinions, but he never took advantage of his position.


kevo kicked me out of the APR two years ago because of my devotion to Nichijou. I got reinstated in 2012 but kevo kicked me out before the end of the year because I didn’t send anything in. But through it all, I never lost my respect for the big guy. The head honcho. The idol master. The guy who wore the terrible, terrible Konata sukumizu shirt at Anime Expo. The APR was not just a simple gallup poll, but instead a stage and a spotlight, a place for kevo to highlight the interesting and worthy opinions of some bloggers on the APR list. In essence, he fooled you all into joining his team blog and you all waited eagerly to see if your opinion would be the one to be pasted in all its email-y, picture-less glory. kevo brought a sense of community to a scattered community joined only by twitter and some lame google group.

rip in pieces kevo: otaku, statistician, and butthead

title is a reference to rip o-new

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  1. Name says:

    This rivalry reminds me of dusthillguy vs Deven Gallo

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