After watching episode 17 of Aquarion Evol, I posted this picture on twitter with a comment “really”.

It took me a while to figure out what to write to best express my reaction to this outfit. At first, I considered saying “I don’t even” because I don’t even. Then I thought that that might be a little too meme-y and it would probably make me look immature. These days, anybody who uses old-ish memes in a sentence like that are automatically labeled with loser status. But the thing was, I wanted the simple meaning that “I don’t even” gave. Thus I considered going with “i dont even” because ungrammatizing things is hip and trendy as shit.

I stopped to consider all the mistakes I’ve made so far that have helped me become an ultimate loser and decided not to do with the meme at all. I chose “really” because it conveyed the exact same thing as “i dont even” but with more finesse. There’s some degree of ambiguity in the phrase, since there’s no punctuation at the end. If I tacked on an exclamation mark, it would be a surprising burst of something. If I used a question mark, it would be a frustrating remark. If I used a period, I would look like some snobby grammar nazi loser shit.

But no, I used “really” because the ambiguity allows the people viewing the tweet to relive this experience. They may have felt “really?” or “really.” when they saw this episode way back when, and my one phrase allows for this huge range of emotions. I-It’s not like I’m doing this for y-you, baka.


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  1. flomu says:


    I have no idea if Aquarion Evol is taking this seriously. I know the show isn’t meant to be taken seriously. It’s an homage to older mecha shows where the men were men, the boys were men, and the mecha were men. And mecha transformations are inherently sexual.

    But if that’s the case, I can’t really trust this choice of outfit. From the dialogue, it seems like this is supposed to be a huge change for Zessica, who always wore revealing outfits. But just like my “really” carried ambiguity, so does the dialogue. Mix says something like “w-what are you wearing, Zessica?” and that’s it. It’s implied that this is supposed to be a more modest outfit than what Zessica wore before, but it’s not directly stated. And it’s clearly not.

    Breasts hanging out loose
    Swaying in the wind shit shit
    shit shit shit I’m done

    So maybe this is Aquarion Evol’s way of poking fun at the ridiculous outfits you see in mecha. (Yoko Littner?) Or maybe they’re trying to keep up the sex appeal while implying the modesty. The brilliance is that I really can’t tell for sure.


  2. Erif says:

    Flomu returns with style.

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