Paper Flower

Makoto and Mikoto sure sound similar, huh?

I was wandering the filth-ridden halls of danbooru when I came across an artist called “nekopuchi.”  I’m not very knowledgeable about artists and stuff, so nekopuchi may be some big hotshot on Pixiv…

But damn, it’s so beautiful.

The placement of her hands, the slight smile, the raised eyebrows.  Damn it, damn it.  Why aren’t there any artists out there who draw Mikoto this well?  Or Rin?  Or Yukko?  Or Eureka?  Damn it.

I’ve found some similar quality (aka god-tier) pictures on the internet, but discovering this guy’s art is a whole different experience.  Every single picture is incredible.  Usually when I find an artist I like, I look at their other pictures and I get disheartened by the huge variation in quality.  But with nekopuchi, I’ve saved just about all of his (her?) drawings, and I want to go throw my money at him out of gratitude.

I have never felt so amazed at art.  Wow.  Mefloraine tried for years to convey this feeling via her now-dead blog (and her tumblr dream thing), but I never really got it.  It’s just some stupid drawing of some stupid anime stupid girl.  I hate girls.  Why would I like your drawing of one?

But now I realize my ignorance.  Look at that masterpiece above.  It radiates “cool” and “badass.”  And the first picture.  It just screams “look at me, I’m the ideal portrayal of love!!”  I don’t know much about warm and cool colors and shadowing and all sorts of weird art details, but this nekopuchi guy is obviously doing something everything right for me to feel like this.

I guess I am going to respect artists from now on (not that I wasn’t before).

Moral: Make a Pixiv account.

10 Comments on “Paper Flower”

  1. TPAB~ says:

    Agreed. This is just epic beyond belief!!!

  2. Mushyrulez says:


    once I splashed paint on a canvas and my art teacher cried and gave me 100% because it was so ‘moving’

    well yeah the paint moved when I splashed it down

  3. Marow says:

    Woah, I really liked those pictures. Thanks!

  4. Maserbeam says:

    Danbooru has fueled many of my nights with, “Shit, if I got my act together and kept in practice with art, I might reach a fraction of this skill.” But then I realized just finding and looking at good art keeps me pretty damn happy. So at least, if I can’t draw like them, I can definitely appreciate artists a lot more than I had before.

    Besides, I’m too busy playing guitar… I mean, Diablo 3.

  5. hhmobius says:

    On a whim, I looked for sauce on a Facebook pic posted by one Nichijou-obsessed friend of mine. Following the trail of A Certain Unexpected Eraser, I tracked nono down to an anime blog by, apparently, the most outspoken Nichijou fan on the interwebs. It took me a while to make the connection. Skimming around entries, I found Misaka Mikoto further back and Katawa Shoujo further forward. Then I noticed anecdotes about physics and TF2…then quantum jitters and Igor and “they called me ” and dong. Damnit, fangzhao, were you keeping this under wraps or am I just slow? (Yup, I’m just slow. flomu was your TF2 username too, wasn’t it. Shit, I’m dumb.) Kinda inspiring in an oblique way. Like, maybe I should try my hand at this blogging thing, for sharing and venting and being expressive and stuff. And God knows (and maybe you know) my Real Life presence is about as noticeable as my online presence. (Wait, I’m getting my priorities wrong now, aren’t I…)

    • flomu says:

      HA HA HA yeah. This is actually not my first blog. I’ve been at it since 2008 and I’ve become known as the fickle old fart blogger. Or something like that.

      I actually met a guy online via aniblogging before meeting him in college.

      You could try blogging, though it’s a time suck. I haven’t had time to churn out quality posts during HELL ON EARTH aka school.

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