fangzhao’s history with anime and stuff

I just now read this post about anime histories and stuff, and I guess I can tell you mine.  I-It’s not like I’m doing this for you.  It just happens to be spring break and I have nothing better to do except watch anime, play games (Bioshock and TF2, mostly), and sometimes click on bookmarked aniblogs.

I like projects like this.  They make me feel like an active blogger and I don’t even have to watch much anime to make a post!  On the other hand, I also hate projects like this because they often spawn dozens of near-copypasta posts.  After you read one or two, the other twenty are all the same and very predictable.  Good thing my history’s about as generic as it gets.  So just read this post and save yourself the trouble of reading dozens more.

My story begins sometime between 1999 and 2003.  I’m not quite sure if I started watching cartoons or anime first, but by 2003, I was a total Spongebob, Pokemon, DBZ, and Toonami addict.  Every afternoon, I’d watch shitty DBZ reruns on Toonami.  On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I would get up early to watch shitty dubbed anime (mostly Yu-Gi-Oh) on channel 4.

Now skip two years of Neopets, a year and a half of Runescape, half a year of aimless wandering around the internet, and two years of MapleStory, and you find me with no MMOs or RPGs or MMORPGs to play.  So thus I got back into anime in junior year of high school after numerous attempts to get sucked back into MapleStory.

This is around the time when I made my first aniblog.  I was crazy about anime at the time.  I was also crazy about posting random junk on my blog (so sorry to any of you guys who had to see that!).

blah blah blah skip two years and now I’m here, in college, bored during spring break, and typing out some post on the 5th reincarnation of my aniblog.

But fangzhao, that was too short!

I know, right?  so sad

On another note, I’ve been playing a lot of games recently.  I play about an hour of TF2 a day and I’ve just started playing Bioshock WHICH IS SO GOOD HOLY JFIOWEFE.

I was lured into buying this game called Spellforce a couple of weeks ago.  It was on sale on Steam and it was branded as an RPG-RTS combination.  I usually don’t like real time strategy games, but I love RPGs, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

…it turned out to be somewhat similar to Warcraft.  The RPG element is nothing more than you controlling a hero class.  I feel stupid for buying the game (but it is kind of fun I guess maybe..).  But at least it taught me a lesson: don’t buy games before trying them out first.

In a desperate move to save this post from going completely off-topic, this kind of relates to aniblogging.

Don’t start blogging before you try it out first.

Oh wait, that doesn’t make much sense.

nevermind then

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  1. fangzhao says:

    Addendum and comment count booster:

    To any and all anibloggers, both new and old: If you have a multi-blog “project” you want to do, go ahead! If somebody criticizes you for it, just say I told you to/pressured you into it! Lots and lots of metastuff serves as my [dying] connection to the aniblogosphere, since I don’t feel like blogging or reading more than a handful of blogs every couple of weeks.

  2. Nopy says:

    I got sucked into the neopets and runscape craze too. I actually checked my neopets account last month and apparently half of the stuff I own on there is discontinued.

  3. Nopy's Blog says:

    […] Fangzhao’s History With Anime […]

  4. Yi says:

    The first picture scared me…

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