Twelve Moments in Anime 2009: Yotsuba&! volume two GET!

Four years and six months ago, the greatest manga ever made was translated into English and put on shelves at Borders and Barnes and Nobles all across America. Three months later, the second volume was translated and for some reason, only 2 books were printed. Thus prices for this rare second volume soared to over $100.

Yours truly waited and waited and waited for a chance to get this second volume, but there was nothing! Yotsuba volume two, just like the rare 1/8 scale Eureka figure and the even rarer Dengeki Daioh-exclusive Mikoto swimsuit figure, did not exist on the internet! But then, one appeared on Amazon for over $60. It was expensive, but there it was, the second volume!

But would I shell out that much money for a book worth only $10? Hmmn. I couldn’t decide. I could buy six volumes of Hayate no Gotoku with that much money. Just when I was about to give in, hope arrived. In March of 2009, Yen Press announced that it would take up Yotsuba and start mass-producing it in the fall. I was ecstatic! Finally, a cheap, affordable volume two of Yotsuba would arrive!

So I waited six months. What a painful six months those were. I knew full well that my friend had the rare original second volume of Yotsuba. She was happily enjoying the manga while I was suffering. Heck, she was probably laughing at me since June 2005. I was consumed with anger. I was prepared to rob her house. I got together my robber mask and my robber suit, and was heading out the door when I ran into the Amazon delivery guy. He put the package into my arms, and went away.

I had it. Yotsuba volume two. I tore open the package with rivers of tears running down my face. At long last, it was in my hands! In a frenzy, I licked my lips, ripped the book out, and…

Bah. Screw your different spine design, Yen Press.

Now whenever I look at my manga, I feel annoyed.

7 Comments on “Twelve Moments in Anime 2009: Yotsuba&! volume two GET!”

  1. mefloraine says:

    You know, this just means you’ll have to repurchase the series with the new look. Yenpress is a very tricky company. :d

    • fangzhao says:

      Yeah, and since the old volume two has been replaced everywhere with the new one, it’s not like I can buy an overpriced old one! I guess it’s time to take out the ol’ robber gear again.

  2. phossil says:

    Yotsuba is very comic and funny! ^^

  3. Fan_etc says:

    Hey I’m a bit confused about the prints. I was certain that ADV made the originals and yen press picked it up, which is backed up by yen press’s site officially stating they are using a “newer” translation. So if there is all this fuss about Yen Press’s 2nd Volume is ADV’s more valuable or what?

  4. Yotsubafanfan says:

    Oh man I understand how you felt! Well except the fact that none of my friends had any Yotsuba&! vollumes except me because most of them never heard of it but to make a long story short I have a cousin who lives in Sacramento California and I live in a super small city and the biggest city is kind of decent but no where near as big as Sacramento. And my cousin goes to San Fransisco a lot so it was obvious that when she came to visit I just had to ask her for the favor and a few days later I finally got it the original Yotsuba&! vollume 2! (Note: I ordered it twice from the internet and both times they never sent it to me.)

  5. Yotsubafanfan says:

    Ok wait a minute did I just read thats it worth 100$ YAY!!!!! ^ u ^

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