I emerge from my E7 shelter halfway through the show to offer some commentary that you probably won’t read

What makes Eureka Seven good?  I have no clue.  And I’m not going to try and write lengthy essays on the appeal of the series, either.  You people who’ve already written lengthy essays on E7 will probably shoot my speculation boat down with your criticism lasers, so it’s not worth it.

But I do know one thing: Eureka Seven is, as of episode thirty-something, my favorite anime of all time.

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Summer 2009: First Impressions (One Sentence each)

This seems to be a much better season than Spring 2009, which was much better than Winter 2008.  I’m pretty inexperienced at these things, but is it always like this, with fall being the climax of the year (because fall 2008 certainly was better [on the whole] than the rest of 2008)?

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Wrapping up Spring 2009

And so another season ends.

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Anime Expo Days 3 and 4

Day Three: Blogger meetup + being tired

Day Four: Eureka figure GET + being more tired

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Anime Expo Day Two

HO-LEE-SHIT.  I saw these two girls walking around on Thursday (or maybe it was this morning?), but they left before I got a chance to take a picture.  Then by some stroke of luck, I saw them right after being shut out of the Anime OP/ED Panel.  Very, very awesome.

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